students outside of the connor convocation center

Weeks of Welcome (WOW)

Weeks of Welcome begins Saturday, August 18!

Weeks of Welcome
August 18 – September 1

Join your fellow students for two weeks of events, resources, and fun things to do on and around campus! There’s something for everyone… social opportunities, academic workshops, athletic events, community events, and plenty of free food!

It all begins on Saturday, August 18! New students will move in, learn about college success from our expert guest speaker, meet with First Year Seminar classes, attend a special mass, experience Convocation*, and engage with peers in evening activities and games.

***Please make make it a special point to attend the annual Convocation ceremony on Saturday, August 18, immediately following Mass (which will end around 5 p.m.). Everyone is expected to attend this mandatory event, which is a staple of the academic year. Join us as the President, Provost, and faculty welcome new students to the Thomas More Family.

See you there!

Students will move in Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel Thomas More Tuesday Student Activities Fair

About the 2018 Guest Speaker

Casey J Cornelius

CEO of ForCollegeForLife, Casey J. Cornelius has emerged as a leading national voice on the topics of personal development and healthy masculinity. A proud fraternity man and a recent inductee into his chapter’s Hall of Fame, Casey travels the country helping organizations and individuals maximize their greatest potential. Born in Cincinnati, he holds a Bachelor’s, two Master’s degrees, and a 4.0 in his doctoral studies, despite once being advised, “College isn’t for everyone.” Casey resides in Michigan with his wife and daughter, and in his spare time, he is a dedicated practitioner in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The Freshman 15 (That Really Matter)

How does a student once told "college isn't for everyone" will themselves to undergraduate and graduate success? In this humorous and insightful program, Casey shares how he went from a high school student rejected by every college he applied to academic mastery through a series of meaningful, replicable steps. He shares how he was able to develop short- and long-term goals, effective habits, and daily strategies which enabled him to earn multiple graduate degrees and attain a 4.0 doctoral GPA. This program will deliver 15 tangible strategies, both memorable and actionable, for students in their first year and beyond.

thomas more college orientation team

The O-Team

thomas more college orientation team

These are our upperclassmen students who welcome you onto campus at Orientation and during WOW!


  • Kieran Casey
  • McKenna Clark
  • Ruby Ford
  • Braxton Hurley
  • Ethan Kohl
  • Abby Link
  • Andrew Raque
  • Ben Wehrle


  • Brennan Kamer
  • Aaron Keller
  • Kelly McCord
  • Emma Reno


  • Gillian Casey
  • Jash Patel
  • Taylor Walz