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Non Profit and Public Admin

Public administration is the study of public organizations and management. Students will examine the development of the field, explore the roles public agencies play in our society, and address principal questions in the field. The curriculum focuses upon helping students develop critical thinking skills essential to effective management and the ability to identify the elements of good public and non-profit administration. The classroom experience is enhanced by enabling students to gain valuable insight into the unique environment in which public and non-profit agencies operate by interacting with professionals in the field.

This program prepares students to pursue employment in non-profit and public sector organizations or prepare them for graduate school in Management, Public Administration, Arts Administration, or Business Administration. Open to all majors, the minor in public administration and nonprofit management is best suited for students pursuing a major in political science, criminal justice, sociology, history, economics, and business, and other students wishing to apply their major in public sector and non-profit employment.

  • Core (12 hours): POS 105, 215, 370; BUA 270
  • Electives (6 hours): 6 hours from among the following courses. 3 hours must be at the 300- or 400-level. POS 206, BUA 301, 302, 303, 307; COM 201, 305; CRJ 210, 225, 407; ECO 305; PHI 235; SOC 325