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The Theology courses are designed to present an overview of the content of the Christian faith with opportunities to study the major world religions.

The Theology program for majors has as its primary purpose an academic study of the content of Christian doctrine in order to prepare students for graduate study, for teaching religious education or directing religious education programs, and for ecumenical dialogue in the community.

The Theology Department also offers Certificate programs at the basic and advanced levels. These programs are especially intended for persons engaged in religious education or various Church-related ministries. Admission to the certificate program presumes demonstrated competency in English 101 and 102 but does not require other preliminary College level courses. Students entering the program with advanced standing in Theology must complete one half of the credit hours in Theology at Thomas More College.

Chart Your Course

What You Will Learn:

  • A comprehensive systematic overview of major areas of theological study.
  • The methods and principles of theology.
  • The link between theological knowledge and other areas of a liberal arts education.

Program Highlights

The Theology program provides students a solid foundation for pursuing seminary education and/or advanced study in academic theology, religious education, or pastoral ministry.

The Theology program prepares students for church-related careers including director of religious education, youth ministry, and social services.

Note: Any student interested in pursuing seminary education should contact the Theology Department Chair before declaring a major.

For more information, contact:

Reverend Ronald M. Ketteler
Department of Theology
Thomas More College