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Teacher Information

At Thomas More, we want to provide students every opportunity to experience their passion for the theatre. With that in mind, we offer several options for teachers and students to get involved throughout the year with the TMC Theatre Department.

Guest Speaking and Special Requests

We hold multiple productions during a season with many opportunities to attend performances individually or with a group. However, there may be times when you are looking for something a little different…such as a special workshop for your students, a tour of the theatre, or a guest speaker in your classes. The Thomas More College Theatre Department/Villa Players would be delighted to partner with you to support your educational goals and foster creativity in your students. We love to talk to your students! Whether in your classroom or on the Thomas More campus, if you have any special request, please give us a call and we will do our best to meet your need.

Day Visits

The best way to have students experience a college Theatre program is to visit the campus! We are happy to host day visits with the Theatre program which will give students a new appreciation for the wide range of skills and experiences they will have when they attend Thomas More.

Morning Weekday Performances (for schools)

Bring this romantic tragedy to life for your students by attending a weekday morning performance. Performances will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the second week of the show at 10:00 a.m. Immediately following the performance, stay for a talkback with the director and cast on their insights into bringing William Shakespeare's words to the stage.

Tickets for weekday morning shows must be purchased in advance. If house does not meet minimum attendance, performances may be cancelled. If Thomas More College cancels a performance, you may have the option of either attending an evening show or receiving a refund. At the time of reservation you will have the option to Pay Later (via cash, check, or credit card), or paying online at time of purchase with a Credit Card.

After-Show "Talk Backs"

Often, Thomas More College productions are core components to many high school courses. As such, we offer "talk backs" with the cast and Director following performances (when requested). Join us for post-performance discussions and learn how the classic piece of literature was brought to life on stage. Talk Backs are a great opportunity for teachers to encourage curiosity and augment English, Literature, and Drama programs. FREE with paid admission, available upon request.

For more information, contact:

Greg Procaccino
Department of Theatre
Thomas More College