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Program Highlights

Your TMC Theatrical Experience - What to Expect

At Thomas More College, theatre is not just something you study. It is something you do! You will have many hands-on learning experiences in a variety of productions.

The Season?...

Main Stage Productions

There are three major productions each year. While a guest director is brought in on occasion (to further expand your experience,) the Theatre faculty each direct one of the productions.

The third production provides a unique, exciting experience! It is completely student produced!...

At the end of each year, a student (usually a senior) is elected by fellow Villa Players to direct the following year. The Villa Players fund the production, so students not only direct, they design, build, light, and completely produce the show. The faculty are there to guide if needed, but since the program is designed to teach ALL aspects of theatre, it is only right to turn one production completely over to you, the student!

Act V Productions

There are one or two evenings of one-act plays that are directed and produced by students. Students usually are in or have taken the Directing class. Called the "Act V's" since they are the "final act" of the season.

Playwright's Theatre

When the Playwriting course is offered, there is a program of playlets written by the Playwriting class, performed and directed by students.

The Bottom Line?...

In addition to your Theatre course work, you will have lots of opportunities to work in a variety of capacities - chosen from stage management, acting, directing, lighting, costuming, props, make-up, design, scenic construction, publicity, house and box office management. Great opportunities await, to learn by collaborating with your peers, as well as professional faculty and guest artists.

For more information, contact:

Greg Procaccino
Department of Theatre
Thomas More College

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