Thomas More College

Saints Card

Students are provided with a College ID (Saints Card) during new student orientation at the beginning of the fall semester. Saints Cards serve as official College identification for events and day to day operations. They also allow access to the residence halls by activating the hall entry systems and are used as the ID for food service and the use of Five Seasons Country Club. Students must obtain a semester sticker at the beginning of each term for the Saints Card to be valid.

Initial Saints Cards are provided at no cost; replacement cards can be obtained from the Student Life Office for a replacement cost of $5.00. Cards are made in the Student Life Office on the second floor of the Main Administration Building during normal business hours. Contact Laura Berkemeier at 859-344-3544 for more information.

Under a program with US Bank, students can link their US Bank account with their Saints Card. Please contact the local US Bank branch for more information. A copy of the program agreement is included here: TMC/US Bank agreement and amendment 1, along with additional disclosures: Disclosures

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