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Student Activities Board

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It is the mission of SAB to serve the student body by providing quality entertainment and educational programs. SAB will also strive to encourage involvement and interaction among students and student organizations.

Student Activities Board is made up of an Executive Board and a General Membership Board. The Executive Board is comprised of a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Public Relations, and a Vice President of Technology. The President and the Vice Presidents work together on planning for events, and each have their own special duties which contribute to the success of every event. The General Membership Board is a special part of SAB, as they are a group of volunteer students who are always willing to lend a hand to the Executive Board members when they need it. The adviser for SAB is the Coordinator of Student Activities who oversees the daily operation of SAB, and, most important of all, is always there for positive encouragement.

We'd love your input on anything we do! Please let us know how we can serve you better. Send an email to or stop by in the SAB office in Student Life. Look forward to an exciting school year!