Admissions at Thomas More College

Room Selection

An exception to the cancellation fee will be made for graduating students, international and national exchange students who cancel prior to June 1st for Fall and December 1st for Spring, and students who are called to military service. Charges for on-campus housing will not be removed from a student's College account until all cancellation fees are paid in full (Cancellation Fee $500).

Disability Policy
Statement of Philosophy
Thomas More College is committed to the accommodation of students with disabilities which reside within its residence hall system. Every possible step will be taken to meet the needs of any student with a disability as outlined in KRS 344.010 that is made known to the institution.

Policies and Procedures

  • Any resident having a disability requiring special consideration, set-up, or safety needs should report the need to the Residence Life Office on their housing application or directly by phone, in person or via e-mail. A note from the primary physician outlining the disability and the needed accommodations should be sent to the Residence Life Office before the start of the school year. This record will be kept in the Residence Life Office and a new form will be needed each year lived on campus.
  • The Residence Life Office will facilitate all possible housing accommodation requests including: room set-up, occupancy requests, permission to possess guide dogs, special equipment and other requests as made. The Residence Life Office will consult with the Department of Academic Support Services and the Dean of Students in making housing accommodations. Any student not satisfied with the response from the Residence Life Office may appeal the decision by following the appeals process located in the Student Handbook.
  • The Office of Residence will notify housing staff and the Department of Campus Safety of all reported residents needing assistance in the event of an emergency. During the hall opening meeting each semester, residents can notify the Residence Life Office of the type of assistance needed.