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Personal Counseling

Counseling Services and Wellness Programs

The goal of Counseling Services is to work collaboratively with students, academic departments, individual faculty members, student services, and other pertinent departments of the College to enhance student's academic, personal, and career success.

Counseling services and referrals are available to all enrolled students at Thomas More College. No additional charges or fees are collected for the services offered.

The Counselor will not see faculty and staff for counseling sessions, however will provide referrals for outside services as needed.

Counseling Services is located in the Administration Building in the Student Life Wing on the second floor.
For counseling services, call Ms. Veronica Lubbe, Campus Counseling, at (859) 344-3521.

TMC Counseling Services Hours of Operation

Generally, Counseling Services  is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (exceptions will be provided based on circumstance) from the arrival of students for the Fall semester until the end of May term. Hours are limited during summer and will be posted on the website. Appointments are recommended for all counseling sessions to be sure a counselor is available.

Counseling appointments are made in one-hour increments. The actual length of time for a counseling appointment is 45 minutes. This allows the counselor time for documentation of the previous appointment, and to prepare for the next appointment.

After hours and weekends: Students are instructed to contact campus safety (859)341-4867, 911 or nearest ER if there is an emergency.

Campus Safety will make contact with the counseling staff, if necessary to assist in determining necessary resources and providing guidance as needed.

24 hour local crisis assistance- North Key (859)331-3292, 24 hours National Suicide Prevention –  (1-800)  273-8255 (TALK)

What is counseling?

Counseling is talking with a qualified professional about concerns, issues, or problems that are interfering with some aspect of your life.
Services are strictly confidential and free to students at Thomas More College.

Why see a counselor?

Relationship Problems
Self-Esteem Issues
College Life Adjustment
Roommate Concerns
Personal Growth
Eating Disorders
Body Image

Additional Off Campus Resources:

North Key Access Line - 859-331-3292
Women's Crisis Center Hotline - 800-928-3335
Suicide Hotline - 800-273-8255

ULifeline: An anonymous, confidential online resource center where college students can obtain information regarding mental health and suicide prevention.

The above three resources are available 24 hours.