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Degree Requirements

The goal of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice is to contribute to the intellectual growth and empowerment of majors and the student body as a whole. This goal is realized through offering students opportunities to promote growth both in and around the classroom. Particularly, the student will explore the relationships between society, culture, and self in preparation to contribute to the discipline's humanitarian mission in future positions of responsibility (such as, citizen, family member, employee/employer, governmental official, and/or graduate student). The curriculum is geared toward flexibility, thus allowing the student to tailor coursework around interests and career aspirations, be they roles in the non-profit sector, research, government, human/community service, business, graduate education, or others.

Bachelor Of Arts In Sociology

  • Sociology (36 total hours):
  • SOC 105 - Intro. to Sociology
  • SOC 206 - Community Service
  • SOC 301 - Contemporary Theories
  • SOC 311 - Social Research Methods
  • SOC 405 - Social Change
  • SOC 409 - Senior Thesis
  • plus 18 hours of Sociology electives
  • Supporting Courses: PSY 201 - Statistics for Social Sciences;
  • Electives (6 hours) chosen from ECO, HIS, POS, or PSY offerings;
  • Computer Literacy: CIS111 or equivalent

Requirements for Minor in Sociology

  • Sociology (18 total hours):
  • SOC 105 - Intro. to Sociology
  • SOC 216 or 217
  • SOC 301 - Contemporary Theories
  • 9 hours of departmental electives, 3 of which must be at the 300- or 400-level