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Academic Regulations and Withdrawal/Refund Policies

The following regulations are summarized from the College Catalog. Please contact the Registrar's Office for additional information or the full policies.

Students are required to attend class. Failure to attend class is not sufficient notice to the College for withdrawal. Tuition will still be charged and the instructor may assign or punitive grade.

Academic Withdrawal Policies
Students are expected to determine whether they have the interest, time, and/or ability to successfully complete the course before the appropriate deadlines. The following deadlines are based on traditional semester-length classes. Proportionate adjustments are made for courses in the summer and for those lasting less than 16 weeks. Please check with the Registrar's Office for alternate calendar information.

Students may drop a course without record during the first week and drop a course with a WP (withdraw passing) grade during the second through ninth week. After the ninth week, students will receive a W grade pending the instructor's evaluation, which may result in a WP or WF (withdraw failing) grade.

Tuition Refund Policy
Tuition costs will be refunded when the student drops a class or withdraws according to the refund schedule, available under the Bursar's section. Students will be financially responsible for any payment due resulting from the refund policy.

Financial Aid Refund Policy
Students with financial aid need to be aware of the financial aid withdrawal and refund policies, which can be found on the Financial Aid section.