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Course Listings

PLS105 Introduction to Law (3)
An introduction to various aspects of the legal profession, such as exploring a legal career, applying to law school, career options, basic legal terminology, and the court system.

PLS255 Special Topics (3)
A special topics course investigating a particular subject related to law.

PLS310 Law and Economics (3)
Prerequisite: ECO 105. An introduction to the economic analysis of the law. Economic analysis will be used to shed light on property, tort, and contract law. Cross-listed as ECO 310.

PLS312 Psychology and the Law (3)
A course examining psychology and the legal system. Topics include eyewitness testimony, the insanity defense, theories of crime, lie detection and confession, jury decision making, the psychology of rape, serial killers, punishment and sentencing. Cross-listed as PSY 302.

PLS355 Legal Topics (3)
A special topics course in an investigation of a particular subject related to law.

PLS380 Legal Issues in Sports and Entertainment Marketing (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 291. Course requirement: Junior status, minimum GPA of 2.5. An investigation into the plethora of legal issues facing the sports and entertainment industries. The course will analyze legislation that has effected the development and operation of these industries. Landmark and seminal cases will be reviewed to ascertain the rights and restrictions of those operating within the industries. Also included as a point of study will be controversial issues where legal precedents have not yet been set. Cross-listed as BUA and PLS 380.

PLS497 Pre-Law Internship (1-6)
Students may intern at an organization related to per=legal studies.