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Reverend Dr. Gerald E. Twaddell

Phone: 859-344-3339
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Office Location: 2215

Dr. Twaddell received his undergraduate education in scholastic philosophy at the Seminary of St. Pius X, completed graduate work in Theology in Paris, and acquired his degree in French at Strasbourg; he also did work in Italian at the University of Pisa. Later, after receiving an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati, he returned to Paris to complete his doctoral studies, producing a dissertation on C.S. Pierces’s Relationship with Hegel. Since arriving at Thomas More College in 1977, he has served successively as Assistant Academic Dean and Director of Institutional Research. Since 1981 he has taught full-time in the Philosophy Department. Occasionally he has taught Latin for the Foreign Language Department. As Chaplain of the College he regularly celebrates the liturgy on campus. He also renders service on the weekends to the small parish of St. Joseph in Camp Springs, KY, and he presently holds the position of Dean of the Northern Kenton County Deanery of the Diocese in Covington. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and reading science and fantasy fiction. Since he lives on campus in Ackerman Hall’s “Penthouse Apartment,” he is seldom hard to locate for very long. When the weather turns chilly, he can be seen trudging between the dorms and the main building wrapped in his black cape. In better weather he has the peculiar habit of reading while he walks round and round the parking lots.


B.A., St. Pius X Seminary, Erlanger, KY (1963) Dipl. E.F.M., University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France (1965) S.T.B., Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1967) M.A., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (1974) Lic. Phil., Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1974) M. Phil. & Habilitation, Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1974) D. Phil., Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1977)

Gerald E. Twaddell first came to Thomas More University in 1977.