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Faculty & Staff

Department Head Dr. Lisa Spangler-Torok
Full Professor and Chairperson

Faculty Ms. Peggy A. Cooper
Assistant Professor
859-344-3411 Ms. Ann Denney
Associate Professor
859-344-3412 Ms. Ashley Gier
Assistant Professor
859-344-3678 Ms. Tracy Herzog
Assistant Professor
859-344-3409 Ms. Carolyn E. Kallmeyer
Associate Professor
859-344-3407 Dr. Kathryn Kramer
Assistant Professor
859-344-3410 Dr. Margaret (Peg) Owens
Full Professor
859-344-3412 Mr. Rick Rolfsen
Assistant Professor of Nursing
859-344-3414 Dr. Rebeca Tacy
Associate Professor

Staff Ms. Melissa Elliott
Coordinator of Nursing Student Services