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Admissions Requirements

Nursing program admission policy for incoming Freshman:

Entering the nursing program is a two-tiered process: acceptance into the college prior to the start of the freshman year and admission into the nursing program at the end of the freshman year.

Requirements for admission into the nursing program:

  1. minimum TMC cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75
  2. passage of all courses designated as pre-requisite for 200 or higher level nursing courses with at least a "C" grade. If the student needs to repeat a course, the student may be given conditional admittance contingent upon receiving at least a grade of "C" in the repeated course
  3. filing of an application for admission to nursing program by May 1 of the freshman year

A student who does not meet the above criteria may be asked to submit one or more of the following for continued consideration: an interview with nursing faculty, an essay, and/or consideration of TOEFL scores for international students.

Nursing program admissions policy for transfer students:

Students wishing to transfer from another school into the nursing program at Thomas More College must achieve all of the following:

Thomas More College Nursing Program
  1. be transferring from an accredited BSN program
  2. have earned a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.75
  3. have presented a letter requesting transfer one semester in advance of proposed start
  4. have presented documentation of good standing from the current university or college
  5. have passed all nursing and support courses - Biology, Chemistry, Math, Sociology, Psychology - with a "C" or above and within the last seven years
  6. have no history of disciplinary action or academic probation
  7. have passed a departmental math test with a score of at least 80 if unable to provide ACT/SAT scores
  8. have met all nursing Student Handbook standards

A transfer applicant who has been unsuccessful in two nursing courses or two prerequisite courses, or one of each at TMC or another institution (including courses repeated for a higher grade) is ineligible for admission to the nursing program. An applicant who has been unsuccessful in one nursing course may be admitted at the discretion of faculty.

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