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Recommended Undergraduate Time Table

Fall credit hrs. Spring credit hrs.
Bio101 Gen Bio I w/lab 4 Bio102 Gen Bio II w/lab 4
Che111 Gen Chem I 3 Che113 Gen Chem II 3
Che112 Gen Chem lab I 1 Che114 Gen Chem II Lab 1
Eng150 Lit & Writing I 3 Eng (any 200+ course) 3
His101 World Civ. I 3 His102 World Civ II 3
FYS150 1st year seminar 3 CSC111 Computer Intro 3
  17   17
Sophomore Year
Fall credit hrs. Spring credit hrs.
Bio202 Gen Physio w/lab 4 Bio326 Immuno w/lab 4 (if even number years)
or Bio211 A&P I w/lab (4) or Bio212 A&P II w/lab (4)
Che220 Org Chem I 3 Che240 Org Chem II 3
Che221 Org Chem lab I 1 Che241 Org Chem II Lab 1
Bio216 Med Micro w/lab 4 Mat145 Calculus 4
xxx105 (ECO, POS, PSY, or SOC) 3 Bio205 Bio Lit w/discussion 3
Foreign Language I 3 Foreign Language II 3
  18   18
Junior Year
Fall credit hrs. Spring credit hrs.
Bio489 Sr. Seminar 3 Bio326 Immunology w/lab 4 (if even number years)
Phy121 Elem.of Physics I 3 xxx105 (ECO, POS, PSY, or SOC) 3
Phy131 Elem.of Physics lab I 1 Phi215 applied ethics 3
Mat205 Statistics 3 Thexxx Theology (sac.scrip.) 3
Phi207 Phil. Human Nature 3 Bio207 Med. Term. 2
Thexxx Theology (systematic) 3 Any Fine Art for 3 cr hr 3
  16   18
Senior Year

is spent in clinical training at hospital laboratory. You must apply for acceptance into your hospital program in early Fall of Junior year. Then when accepted you are required to register your senior year through TMC for 32-40 credit hours while working in the hospital program.

This is a suggested schedule - due to variations within individuals it is best to discuss your schedule well in advance with the Medical Laboratory Science Advisor in the Biology... Dr. John Hageman