Library at Thomas More College

International Government

Avalon Project at the Yale Law School: Full text of historically important U.S. and world documents, from the Athenian Constitution of ancient Greece to U.N. treaties and conventions of the present day.

Background Notes from the US State Department: Country information compiled by the Office of Electronic Information and Publications of the Bureau of Public Affairs.

The British Monarchy: The official web site of the Royal Family.

The Central Intelligence Agency: Find information on every country in the world, plus chiefs of state and cabinet members.

The CIA World Factbook: US government profiles of countries and territories around the world.

Country Briefings by the Economist Intelligence Unit

Government Info In Canada: An electronic journal for discussion of Canadian federal, provincial/territorial, and local government information.

International Agencies and Information on the Web: Broad array of links to international agencies, maintained by the University of Michigan.

Library of Congress Country Studies: Focuses primarily on lesser-known countries of the world.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Statistics: the international organization of the industrialized, market-economy countries.

United Nations: Official web site of the UN.

World Bank: Includes extensive social and economic data by country.

World Health Report: Basic indicators for all WHO member states.

Note: These sites have been evaluated by library staff. Please consult with your professor or a librarian to evaluate any Internet resources found using search engines such as Yahoo! or Google.