Thomas More College

Have You Considered All Your Options?

Do you know what you want to do, but other colleges'prescribed degree programs don't quite fit? Do you have multiple interests and want to explore how you could combine them? Then creating your own degree within Thomas More's Humanities program could be the answer.Draw on courses as diverse as ancient civilization, art and law, foreign language, history of American art,human nature, philosophy and world literature to shape a unique career in:

  • Art Criticism
  • Ministry
  • Consumer Advocacy
  • Museum/Library Science
  • College Teaching
  • Research
  • Government
  • Social Work
  • Journalism
  • Travel
  • Law


Follow Your Heart

The Humanities program at Thomas More College studies the nature and challenges of the human condition through a broad, interdisciplinary experience. Whether you dream of performing on the stage or the page, in a classroom or a courtroom, you'll find that a diverse humanities background is excellent preparation. Our Bachelor and Associate degrees in Humanities draw connections between the following fields:

  • Art
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Drama
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • Pre-Law
  • Foreign Languages
  • Theology

A Humanities degree is excellent preparation for graduate school, and it pairs nicely with many other disciplines, including environmental studies, computer information systems and business information systems.

Chart Your Course

After completing your core requirements at Thomas More, you need only one required course in communications and 36 hours (bachelor's degree) or 18 hours (associate's degree) of humanities elective courses to receive a Humanities degree. So the choices are wide open. Perhaps the course of study you create will focus on the history, literature, theology and art of Latin America, or perhaps you'll do a study of beauty through film courses, philosophy, creative writing, art and history. Other students could choose to pursue gender studies, race or cultural studies or other multi-disciplinary approches as a way of completing their programs. In our ever-changing, global society, the demand for such critical and creative thinkers will continue to grow.

Springboard to Success

Our faculty members have studied and practiced extensively in their fields in order to provide a real-world perspective as you explore and refine your talents. With their experience and our small class sizes, you are constantly encouraged to experiment, grow and succeed.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Bilbo
Head of Art Department
Thomas More College