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Resident Life Coordinator

Department: Student Services
To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to
Contact: Ebony Griggs-Griffin, Dean of Students
phone: 859-344-3544

 Job Description

Residence Life Coordinator


Position:                Residence Life Coordinator (live-in required)

Division:               Student Services

Reports to:            Dean of Students

Supervises:             Resident Assistants and Community Assistants


The Residence Life Coordinator is a full-time, live-in position. The position calls for the staff member to provide overall leadership and vision for the office of Residence Life. They will serve as the supervisor of the resident and community assistants. The Coordinator has direct responsibilities that impact student development, student growth, group interaction, programming and activities, and student leadership development.






  1. Be visible and available.
  2. Be visible at campus programming events outside of the residence halls.
  3. Establish good rapport with residents.
  4. Be a positive role model.
  5. Coordinate & oversee various social, educational, and developmental programs each semester.
  6. Provide appropriate mediation of conflicts among residents and student staff.




  1. Participate in setting and rotating coverage of duty. Responsible for performing duty as assigned and listed on the duty schedule.
  2. Duty begins at 8pm and ends at 8am (may be changed at discretion of DOS).
  3. While on duty, each RD is responsible for being on campus in their apartment, accessible to staff, students, and public safety.
  4. Duty RD must complete at least one round per duty night, making contact with each RA on call.
  5. Complete normal duties associated with the operation of the hall while on duty.
  6. Contact the Dean of Students prior to the shift if there is any reason preventing the RLC from completing their duties.




  1. Supervise and evaluate RAs and CAs according to established guidelines. Responsible for the primary supervision of the resident assistants and community assistants.
  2. Conduct staff meetings to cover new/continuing topics of interest.
  3. Discipline RAs failing to abide by their job agreement.  This includes possible termination which will also be referred to the Dean of Students.
  4. Responsible for the oversight of hall programming and ensuring that all programmatic expectations are met. Ensures quality, need-based programming for their hall.
  5. Assist in the recruitment, selection, & hiring of RA and CA staff.
  6. Conduct one-on-one meetings with each RA and CA on a bi-weekly basis.
  7. Manage part-time hall staff in regards to duty coverage.




  1. Respond as needed to emergency situations (first response for residence life emergencies)
  2. Serve as the on-site director in the event of discipline/medical/weather emergency.
  3. Be available to support staff in enforcing housing and campus policies.
  4. Coordinate efforts with the Department of Campus Safety.
  5. Keep supervisor informed of potential and/or occurring situations by voice mail or personal phone call. Ensure proper follow-up.
  6. Interact effectively with emergency personnel.




  1. Check mail box, email and voice mail daily.
  2. Facilitate the delivery of any letters or correspondence in mailbox to and from residents.
  3. Collect and examine RA and CA community development reports and discipline reports no later than the next duty night after receipt of the materials.
  4. Facilitate room changes, check-outs and check-ins. 
  5. Responsible for keys for all residence halls.
  6. Complete opening and closing reports indicating that rooms have been vacated by residents.
  7. Complete RA and CA evaluations each semester.
  8. Attend staff meetings with the Dean of Students and the Student Development Team.
  9. Distribute and ensure that all newsletters, signs, and posters are distributed to the residents in a timely manner.
  10. Responsible for room assignments and changes of residence hall students.
  11. Assist with and participate in training programs for staff and provide ongoing education of staff through development activities and daily supervision.
  12. Implement and facilitate RA, CA, and part-time staff training, in-services and professional development activities.
  13. Coordinate with the facilities department and coordinator of scheduling to ensure readiness of facilities and service.
  14. Serve on departmental, divisional and College committees as assigned.
  15. Ensure programming of RSA and NRHH are aligned with residence life programming model by working with Residence Life Programming Assistant.
  16. Summer: Supervise Conference Assistants and Resident Assistants; oversee daily operation of the hall during the summer months.
  17. Intramural: Share responsibility of intramural sports with Residence Life Programming Assistant in developing, implement, and coordinating intramural sports for the students. Work with student staff in this process.




Serve as primary advisor to SGA Food Committee: Food Committee –Student Government Association and Campus food services ensure voices of the students are heard regarding provided food and service.



*other duties as assigned




Education and Experience: This position requires a bachelor’s degree and preferably experience in student affairs. 



Compensation: The compensation package for this position includes a salary and an unfurnished apartment with cable and Ethernet connection.