Thomas More College

What Can You Learn From The Past?

The study of history is useful preparation for any profession.Whether you plan to major in history or another field,Thomas More's history program will enrich your understanding of the past, your place in the present and your future path to a fulfilling career. Our program is designed for students aspiring to careers in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Museum Administration
  • Teaching

Many of these careers require advanced degrees.


Lay The Foundation

At Thomas More, history majors pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts or an Associate of Arts degree acquire a solid grounding in World, Western and United States history. One unique offering of our program is the three-semester seminar series, which focuses on history as a discipline and the art of historical detection. You also may select from a wide range of elective courses. These and other core courses, internships and co-op experiences provide extensive training in reading comprehension, research, analysis, writing and public speaking.

Chart Your Course

A sampling of the history courses available to majors and non-majors include:

  • American Constitutional History
  • African American History
  • Ancient Western Civilizations
  • Contemporary Developing World
  • Colonial & Revolutionary America
  • Historiography Seminar Series
  • Medieval Europe
  • Modern Europe
  • Rise of the United States
  • Women and Gender History
  • World Civilizations

Step Out Of Class

Thomas More's Lambda Sigma chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society has frequently achieved national recognition including a number of Best Chapter awards. Phi Alpha Theta and the History Club, another student-led organization, sponsor speakers, organize field trips and arrange for students to present papers at regional and national conferences each year. Study abroad opportunities also open the door to new experiences outside the traditional campus classroom. Students interested in exploring a career in museums, government , law etc. can do so through internships or co-ops.

For more information, contact:

Dr. James E. McNutt
Department of History, International Studies, and Political Science
Thomas More College