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Volunteer Committees

The Office of Institutional Advancement welcomes individuals who want to serve on committees that help advance the mission of Thomas More College. Approximately 160 volunteers contribute their time and talents through committee service. More than 100 of them are alumni of the College. If you want to find out more about serving on a committee, contact the IA Office at 859-344-3344.

Bishop Hughes Committee

As a Bishop Hughes Committee member you are asked to review nominations and select nominees for the Bishop Hughes award. You will be asked to assist in planning the annual dinner by securing sponsorships, planning the menu, and assisting in other aspects as needed.

Mary Brown
Jim Dressman '74
Gabrielle Hils '81
Susan Neltner
Pat Sommerkamp '71

College Correspondence Committee

Many TMC items you receive in your mailboxes are assembled by our College Correspondence Committee. As a College Correspondence Committee member you are asked to volunteer your time and efforts to assist the Office of Institutional Advancement with several mailings and special projects throughout the year.

Marilyn Esselman
Joyce Ginney '54
Tom Ginney '52
Juanita Hanna '58
Jeanne Jacobs '51
Carol Jansen '51
Janet Mentrup '54
Tom Mentrup
Marg Middendorf '52
Ginny Murphy '53
Mary Elise Regan '66
Pud Vogt '51

IA Committee of the Board

Members of the IA committee are charged with examining and making recommendations regarding the development and public relations programs of the College. They will assume leadership with other members of the Board in acquiring necessary funds for the maintenance and progress of the College and its programs.

Mary Brown
Jim Dressman '74
Dr. Cari Garriga
Sarah Giolando - Chair
Kim Halbauer '00
Dr. Daniel J. Hiltz, '71
Carolyn Kallmeyer
James McNutt
D. Lynn Meyers '77
Marna Zalla

Corporate Campaign Committee

As a Corporate Campaign Committee Member you may be asked to review probable donor lists, identify contacts and help secure meetings with donors. When appropriate you may be asked to attend stewardship meetings.

Don Benzinger
Rich Cross
Adam Davey '97
Matt Dietz
Jim Dressman '74
Dr. Jerry Franzen '64
Joe Geraci
Dan Groneck
Kim Halbauer '00 - Chair
Dennis Helmer '73
Dale Henson
Paul Hillenmeyer
Dan Hiltz '71
John Hodge
Emir Hodzic
Marshall Liberman '94
Pat Raverty '73
Brian Roomes
D. Bruce Ross '72
Charlie Rowe
Frank Sommerkamp
George Thelen '58
Andy VonLehman '75
Ted Zalla '90

Planned Giving Advisory Board

As a Planned Giving Advisory Board member you may be asked to facilitate introductions to estate planning professionals, potential donors and attend a meeting with the Planned Giving Coordinator when appropriate. Also, you can identify or compose estate planning articles of interest that can be used to benefit Thomas More College.

Donna Bloemer '91
Paul Carl '86
Ken Dorger
Jim Dressman '74
Gerry Dusing '71
Jeff Lawson '97
Mike Murray
Andy VonLehman '75
Wonda Winkler '90
R. David Zerhusen

President's Society Committee

Marna Meier Zalla, Chair
Leslie Hafenmaier Armstrong
Virginia Bensman
Marilyn Esselman
Jean Germann Hengelbrok '56
Carol Walsh Jansen '51
Elaine Rabe Kohlhepp '64