First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar

What is FYS?

All first year students at Thomas More College are enrolled in the First-Year Seminar as one of their academic courses during the fall semester.  Faculty from across the curriculum, offer an interesting array of seminar topics, each centered on a particular area of study or idea.  By incorporating into the seminar, issues and problems particular to the college first-year student, the First-Year Seminar provides a very effective method for introducing the student to college level learning and experiences.  Research and study methods as well as time management and college adjustment are part of every course.  Students in the seminar are offered a full program of diverse lectures and activities on campus to enrich their college experiences during the crucial first semester.

Students will also be offered workshops in effective use of the TMC library.

For further information or questions about the First-Year experience at Thomas More College, please contact:

Professor Jerome Langguth

Professor Jim Schuttemeyer

Goals of FYS

  • Introduce students to the learning opportunities and rewards of college courses in the liberal arts.
  • Create an environment for learning in the first year that will develop experiences in dialogue, speaking, and intereaction in a peer group and with faculty.
  • Develop or refine critical academic skills and methods of inquiry.
  • Generate intellectual excitement in an area of inquiry often outside the major.
  • Strengthen students' abilities to read and think critically.
  • Teach about methods of research and how to apply that in a written document.
  • Provide interdisciplinary experiences to help students see important connections in various areas of study.
  • Create a sense of community between fellow students and faculty.