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Owen Electric Scholarship Program

Deadline: February 14, 2014


 • cumulative 3.0 gpa (out of 4.0)

full-time student at a four year college or university

minimum of 60 hrs earned before August 1**

parent(s) or student must have active Owen Electric account in good standing

**Must provide current college transcript at time of application. If under 60 hrs. at time of application, must provide additional transcript upon completion of 60 hrs.

How To Apply:

Judging Criteria:
 -  Include additional sheet listing community service activities
 -  Include copy of current college transcript
 -  One from college professor or advisor
 -  One from community/campus leader
 -  One from someone knowledgeable of your accomplishments/ abilities (letters from family members not accepted.)
Essay.... 30%
 -  Provide a typed, 400-700 word essay on the following topic: What do you envision your role in the community to be post-college. How, if at all, does it align with Owen Electric’s mission of ‘pursuing those opportunities that add benefit and enhance the quality of life [for our members]’
COVER LETTER ............................ 10%
In the cover letter please include the following:
 -  Introduction about self
 -  Reason for applying
 -  Potential future contributions to our community


More Information:

 Please visit to download a copy of the scholarship application. 


Scholarship amount is up to $2,000