Financial Aid at Thomas More College


Deadline: April 20, 2013


1. You must be a graduating senior in high school or a freshmen or sophomore in college.
2. You may not be related to any of Clean It Supply’s staff or our extended family.
3. You must be graduating high school or in college between the ages of 16 and 21.
4. We reserve the right to verify date of high school graduation and/or college enrollment.


How To Apply:

Answer one of the following prompts in 500-1000 words and send to

1. The Importance of Cleanliness on Everyday Life.
2. Why keeping a clean dorm room and being clean and organized matters to your education.
3. The Impact of Volunteering for clean ups. What impact you feel you have created through volunteering and more importantly, what impact has this effort had on you.
4. The Impact of Green Cleaning Products on our environment.


More Information:

For more information, visit

Scholarship is $1,000