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2014 Field Station Interns, Educators and Work-Study Staff


Senior, Environmental Science Major, Geology Minor
Northern Kentucky University

James lives in Independence, KY, but originally from Port Arthur, TX where he grew up fishing and shrimping along the gulf coast. He has spent the past two years working as a research student with Dr. Hopfensperger on multiple water quality and wetland ecosystem projects and looking forward to expanding his knowledge of stream ecosystems as a stream assessment intern. He is interested in working at the state and federal levels to help manage our local watersheds to minimize the impacts off runoff into the Gulf of Mexico. He is also open to moving back to Texas and finding ways to protect and restore our coastal waterways due to nutrient runoff and erosion. He is a former Marine who enjoys fishing, hunting, and being on the water. James is married with two young daughters.


Senior, Environmental Science Major
Juniata College

Lucas will be a senior environmental science major at Juniata College next semester. Last summer, Lucas interned with the PA Fish and Boat Commission where he monitored artificial fish enhancement structures on Raystown Lake. This summer, Lucas is interning with the Center for Ohio River Research and Education (CORRE) where he will assist in the continuation of the long-term Ohio River Bioassessment near the Zimmer Power plant. Lucas hopes this experience will supplement his knowledge of freshwater ecosystems and enhance his overall understanding of fisheries. In his free time, Lucas enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, and playing sports. After graduating, he plans to apply his knowledge of aquatic based systems to obtain a job related to fisheries.


Senior, Biology and Secondary Education Major
Thomas More College

Sarah is double majoring in biology and secondary education at Thomas More College and will begin her senior year in the fall of 2014. Sarah has recently become a NASA fellow and will be performing some work for their STEM program, and she also works at the Field Station doing work study. She is a member of the BBB Biological Honors Society, the Outdoor Adventure Club, and does service with Habitat for Humanity. Sarah plans to pursue a career in teaching high school biology as well asfurther her education in biology.


Junior, Sociology Major, Psychology Minor
Thomas More College

Rodney is a Senior Sociology major at Thomas More and is originally from Tampa, Florida. He is our most experienced student worker and serves in a variety of roles as an environmental educator for our grade school field trips & high school STEM camp, as the resident assistant for the Lodge and as a work-study student on the maintenance crew. He is excited about applying his love of the outdoors and love of teaching children about the Ohio River.


Senior, Environmental Science Major
Thomas More College

Emily is a senior Environmental Science major at Thomas More and will be graduating in Fall 2014. This summer, she will be a part of the work study crew and working on an independent study project. She has worked on the culture of the fathead minnows. She is excited to return this summer and learn more. She also worked at Coney Island for six years and may be returning for my seventh this summer as well. After graduation she plans on getting a job in the environmental field and is also considering graduate school. She is from Milford, Ohio, and enjoys music, horseback riding, drawing, reading and being outdoors.


Sophomore, Biology Major
Thomas More College

Kristin is going to be a sophomore in the fall at Thomas More College, studying Biology with a minor in Spanish. She is looking forward to spending the summer working in the Aquaculture lab with the other interns and administrators to learn more about the Ohio River ecosystem through the Thomas More Field Station. She has spent a lot of time on the Ohio River boating, tubing, and fishing with her family, and looks forward to spending time on the river for a different purpose. Kristin also enjoys running and biking and will spend part of her summer hiking with her family. She plans to go on to medical school and hopes to determine the quality of the Ohio River not only in relation to the organisms that call this ecosystem home, but also in relation to human health.


Junior, Environmental Science Major
Thomas More College

Mitchell is an environmental science major and will be a junior next semester at Thomas More College. He is excited to participate as the crew leader on the bioassessment team that will conduct research regarding the effects of Zimmer Power Plant on the Ohio River ecosystem. He sees this as a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in his field. His hobbies include fishing, hunting, and running. Mitchell's long term goals including traveling to Australia and attending graduate school to obtain his master's degree in an aquatic field.


Biology Major, Chemistry, Psychology, and Environmental Studies Minors
Xavier University

Emily is a junior at Xavier University and is excited to work on the Aquaculture Crew this summer! She loves anything to do with nature, especially animals. Emily is Vice President of APEX, an animal rights club at Xavier, and volunteers at an animal shelter in her spare time. She hopes to go to graduate school to pursue a future in environmental or animal science.


Senior, Middle School Math and Science Education Major
Thomas More College

Ashley will be a senior at Thomas More College in the fall semester of 2014, majoring in middle school math and science education. She is a NASA fellow, member of the Education Club, and participates in outreach to the community through tutoring students. After graduation she plans to obtain a job teaching middle school math or science in the Northern Kentucky area.


Senior, Biology and Secondary Education Major
Thomas More College

Kevin is a senior at Thomas More College and will be entering his fourth year as environmental educator, a STEM camp mentor for high school students and a NASA STEM Fellow. Kevin is a Biology and Secondary Education Major as well as a Goalkeeper on the Thomas More Men's soccer team. After graduation he plans to pursue a job as a high school biology teacher in the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area.


Sophomore, Environmental Science Major
Thomas More College

Nathan is a sophomore E.S. major at Thomas More College. This will be his first summer at the Station where he looks forward to joining the maintenance crew and assisting with the STEM outreach programs. In his free time, he loves fishing and hiking. He also enjoys spending time working on the fish tanks at home. Upon graduation, he hopes to begin work with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, before returning to school to get a degree in education and teach high school students.


Junior, Biology Major and Environmental Science Major
University of Saint Francis

Emily will be a junior in the fall semester of 2014 at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, IN. She is double majoring in biology and environmental science, with a concentration in conservation biology. She is very excited to be spending the summer as a member of Ohio River Bioassessment crew and to gain experience in field biology. As a student-athlete, she keeps herself busy as a member of the honors program and by playing center midfield on the women's soccer team at USF. She enjoys riding her bike around campus, hiking, and reading. In the future, she hopes to one day go to graduate school for conservation biology and conduct research to benefit endangered species.


Senior, Environmental Science Major, Ecological Concentration
Thomas More College

Erin Rowekamp will be a senior next semester at Thomas More College majoring in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Ecology. Last summer, she conducted stream assessments, in conjunction with the Environmental Academy and worked with the Boone County Conservation District. This summer, she will continue working with the District and also serve as a NASA STEM Fellow to enhance the outreach programs at the Field Station. She has a passion for nature, animals, and loves spending time outdoors. After graduation she plans on attending graduate school and then pursuing a career in either conservation or environmental education.


Junior, Biology Major, with a Concentration in Cellular & Molecular Biology
Thomas More College

Craig will be a junior next semester at Thomas More College and is studying Biology with a focus on Cellular and Molecular Biology. He is extremely excited to be a part of the Aquaculture Lab and Mussel Research Team at the Thomas More Biology Field Station. Ever since he was young he has had a passion for biology and learning about nature. He looks forward to learning more about the Ohio River and just how important it is to the local communities. In his free time he likes biking, swimming, and volunteering at the local hospital. After graduating from Thomas More College, he plans to continue on to medical school with hopes of pursuing a career as an emergency physician.


Junior, Environmental Science Major, GIS Minor
University of Wisconsin—Stout

Next fall Amanda will be completing her last year at the University of Wisconsin—Stout studying environmental science with a concentration in aquatic biology. She is also minoring in geographic information systems (GIS) and hopes to integrate this skill into her future career as a scientist. This summer she is a member of the Ohio River Bioassesment/Monitoring project and is excited to learn about this region of the country as well as meet other students in the field of biology. Amanda loves fishing, reading, and archery.


Post-baccalaureate, Environmental Health and Aquatic & Fisheries Science
University of Washington—Seattle

Kristen is a post-baccalaureate student at the University of Washington in Environmental Health and Aquatic and Fisheries Science. She received her first undergraduate degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from UW. After spending time living in the Middle Eastern and witnessing a multitude of environmental issues she was inspired to change her focus to environmental affairs. She is particularly interested in the impact of water quality issues on both human and ecosystem health. After completing her post-baccalaureate degree she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in ecotoxicology. She is very excited to be joining the Thomas More Bioassessment team and to be visiting Kentucky for her first time.


Sophomore, Biology Major, Chemistry and Computer Science Minor
Thomas More College

Lane is a sophomore at Thomas More College who is studying Biology as well as Chemistry and Computer Science. He is looking forward to joining the Ohio River Bioassesment/Monitoring and also assisting on the Maintenance Crew at the Thomas More Field Station. He has always enjoyed the outdoors and in his spare time often goes fishing, hunting, hiking, and playing soccer. After graduating from Thomas More, he plans to continue his education, focusing in Aquatic/Marine Biology.


Senior, Environmental Science Major
Thomas More College

Maria is a senior Environmental Science major at Thomas More and will a part of the Environmental crew this summer. Last summer, she was the crew leader of the aquaculture team at the Field Station that focused on the maintenance of the fathead minnow culture. She has been a part of the aquaculture crew for two years and excited to be involved in the stream assessments this year, as part of the Environmental Academy. She has also volunteered for three summers at the Cincinnati Zoo as an ambassador and an animal handler. She lives on a 100-acre farm where her family keeps chickens and bees. In her free time, she enjoys music, art, hiking, and animals. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Master degree.


Senior, Criminal Justice Major
Thomas More College

I am finishing my last semester at Thomas More and will be graduating in December with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. I have been with the field station for five years and my older brother Josh was there before me. So I am extremely familiar with the Station. My job around the field station is to maintain the grounds and keep the Station looking nice. I love to play sports. Basketball and softball are my hobbies. I am a huge Reds fan just ask Dr. Lorentz he will tell you how awesome they are and that they are the best team.


Junior, Environmental Science Major
Northern Kentucky University

Nicole is a junior at Northern Kentucky University, and is studying Environmental Science, with emphasis on Biology. She will be teaching science lessons to grade school children who visit the Thomas More Biology Field Station during summer field trips throughout the month of May. She is passionate about the environment, and loves to spend time outdoors, and on the Ohio River and its tributaries. Nicole hopes to lead a more sustainable and self-reliant way of life in the future, and to teach others through her experiences.