Thomas More College

Crisis Planning Committee

Emergency Planning & Resources

Thomas More College reviews its emergency management procedures on an ongoing basis. This involves designing, assessing and modifying processes intended to respond to various types of emergencies that might take place on the College's campus. . This web site is updated often and includes important information, updates, news, tips and training opportunities. Emergencies are not always big events; sometimes they may be very routine events that are commonplace. The Crisis Planning Team works to prepare for any instance which may occur.

The Emergency Planning and Resources website is intended to educate to be prepared in the event of a campus emergency. In the event of an emergency the College will notify the community through one or all of the following methods: College website, mass text messages and emails that community members have registered to receive, social media and building coordinators. These notifications will include instructions as to how to proceed. In any event, every member of the campus encouraged to use their best judgment to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Not every situation can be outlined on this site, however, information for several possible emergency situations is provided. Do not hesitate to contact the Department of Campus Safety or a member of the Planning team for additional information.