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Course Listings

ELS110 Practicum I (1)
Students will be exposed to the variety of options involving the ethical leadership concentrations. Discussions of best practices will be introduced across several involved disciplines as well as professional behavior in the workplace. Overview of the management and operations functions will be reviewed. Select speakers will be invited on select topics for this class.

ELS210 Practicum II (1)
Prerequisite: ELS 110. Students will gain further insight into relevant fields of study through industry professionals, immersion in select appropriate activities and reflection. Appropriate work experiences will be selected in which students will participate outside of class time.

ELS215 Introduction to Leadership Practices (3)
This course will involve students in the language of leadership. A brief review of the major theories will be discussed. Leaders must also become individuals who are comfortable operating across boundaries and who can forge links between organizations with an understanding of marketing, finance and law as it pertains to leadership practices. Leaders must also take their abilities to craft visions, inspire action, and empower others and use it to encourage people from diverse functions, disciplines, and organization to find common cause in goals that improve working environments.

ELS230 Lodging Operations and Resort Operations (3)
Prerequisite: ACC 101. Examines the day to day operation of a lodging facility including the systems necessary in todays fast paced business environment. Topics covered include: reservations, front office operations, managing the guest experience, hotel accounting, security, safety and housekeeping, as well as issues related to coordination with other hotel departments.

ELS250 Logistics (3)
Operational issues, management techniques and technology applied to distribution operations. Focus is on the integration of logistics operations of all firms within the supply chain. This course will cover the management of commercial air, truck, rail and water transportation, including the history of transportation, regulation, Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, tariffs, hazardous materials handling, routing and warehousing.

ELS270 Meeting and Convention Planning (3)
Overview of the meeting and conventions industry from both supplier and buyer sides will be explored. The course will investigate venues and terminology as well as the management necessary to orchestrate successful group functions. This course will discuss the roles of convention and visitors bureaus, destination management companies, service contractors and accommodations.

ELS302 Ethical Leadership Biography (3)
Biographies provide an opportunity to examine ethical leadership, or the lack thereof, in real-world scenarios. This course examines public figures and the decisions they make within an ethical framework. Additionally, the leadership style of the figures studied will be analyzed.

ELS310 Practicum III (1)
Prerequisite: ELS 210. Opportunities for students to gain practical experience in functional and operational areas within the scope of ethical leadership. Students will have an opportunity to work on or in a variety of approved locations/events consistent with their concentration(s) outside of normal class hours. The students will write and assess what they have observed through journaling.

ELS315 Organizational Leadership (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 301; ELS 215. This course will enhance what was discovered in Introduction to Leadership Practices. The key factor in organizational success is leadership quality and flexibility. The success of any organization does not depend on a single leader. Unpredictable challenges, adapting to changing situations, maintaining efficiency, using a systems approach, complex challenges that require leadership that is more inclusive, yet decisive. From that we study an approach termed, connected leadership which occurs through shared sense-making, relationships, and emergent strategizing. This is then followed by a social entrepreneur type of leader who adopts strategies to tackle social problems. These and other leadership approaches will be reviewed and discussed throughout this class.

ELS325 Leadership and Identity (3)
Indentity formation is a building block for leadership style and growth. This course will examine cultural constructs and intersectionality connected to identity formation. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own identity formation with particular emphasis on personal values and leadership style.

ELS330 Revenue Management (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 230; CIS 111. Overview of revenue management for the hotel industry including both the analytical skills and the practical techniques used in the industry today. Hotel revenue management is a systematic process for the purpose of increasing revenue by monitoring demand and apply appropriate selling strategies to a perishable product.

ELS350 Supply Chain Management (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 250. Focuses on all facets of supply chain management including customer service, business to business e-commerce, location analysis, and just-in-time inventory systems.

ELS370 Event and Meeting Operations (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 270. This course deals with the issues and topics necessary for the management of meetings and conventions. Topics of discussion will include meeting site selection, planning functions, program planning, budgeting, housing, food and beverage arrangements, transportation, and actual management of the event as it unfolds. Evaluation of the event and venue will also be discussed.

ELS390 Internship (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 220. Course requirement: Completion of at least 40 cumulative credit hours. Internships help the student integrate academic knowledge with practical applications. Exposure to industry practices and environments can also help the student decide which career path is right for them and jump start their career before entering the workforce on a permanent basis. Repeatable.

ELS420 Strategic Global Management (3)
Course requirement: Senior standing. As we look towards the future studies clearly show that leaders of tomorrow will need to look back at history. Institutions of the past may be obsolete and that new forms of governance and leadership will have to be learned. As the rate of change itself increases, learning ability will not consist of the one-time learning of a new system. Perpetual learning and change will be the constant. From here we discover and review the need for perception into the realities of the world, high levels of motivation, emotional strength to manage their own and others anxiety, new skills in analyzing cultural assumptions, involvement of others to solve complex problems, and the willingness to share power and control all leading to encouraging the flourishment of leadership throughout the organization. If the world is to learn to manage itself better, many more people in organizations will have to be leaders and the leadership functions much more widely shared.

ELS430 Lodging Simulation (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 330. Provides students with a managerial view of the lodging industry. The student will be exposed to the unique characteristics of managing a service-based lodging product that is delivered by a diverse employee profile as well as an equally diverse consumer profile. Fundamentally the course will develop an understanding of the human as well as financial and operational operations of a lodging firm and the decisions necessary to promote value creation. Some of the operational analysis will be achieved through simulation.

ELS450 Quality Principles in Logistics (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 350. Review and study of Quality principles ranging from a history up to modern quality practices such as six sigma. Key issues will be explored including international standards such as ISO Quality Management Systems. Specific quality tools will be discussed. It will bridge fundamental subject areas such as strategy, organization, human factors and the need for data to make quality decisions.

ELS470 Trade Show Operations (3)
Prerequisite: ELS 370. Covers the management of tradeshows and exhibitions, including design construction and execution. Logistics and management of the show itself will also be discussed along with risk management and current issues facing the industry. The topic will be examined from both a facility, planner and trade show managers perspective as well as the benefits and value of the use of trade shows in marketing today.