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Q: How is gardening like economics?
A: Click on video to see.

Scientists? Engineers? How about Gardeners?
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At Thomas More College, we believe that Economics is an integral part of the liberal arts. Studying Economics helps to develop your critical thinking skills and enhance your problem solving ability. As such, Economics is an ideal discipline for those interested in Law, Medicine or International Affairs - or any of the fields listed in Career Connections. But as Margaret Wise Brown (author of Goodnight Moon, The Important Book and The Runaway Bunny) would have said, the most important thing about the study of Economics is that it allows individuals to understand the economy. Economics majors are able to discuss current events and take part in policy debates related to inflation and unemployment, health care and the environment and trade deficits and the national debt. Checking out Economists Discuss the Economy will allow you to see TMC economists discuss the economy, thinking the way that economists do.

Chart Your Course

The Department of Economics seeks to provide a rigorous analytical approach to society's allocation of scarce resources, tempered by ethical and institutional considerations.

The Programs of Study is designed so as to allow the student, in consultation with the academic advisor, to tailor a program according to his\her long range goals; e.g. graduate study, professional study, law, or a career in economics, finance, or banking. To facilitate a focused program of study, the student may choose to pursue a major in economics with a concentration in political economy and government, or a major in economics with a concentration in finance.

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Dr. Malcolm Robinson
Department of Economics
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