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Degree Requirements

The Thomas More advantage includes small class size, personalized attention from faculty, unique internship opportunities, and an active student organization. Small class sizes help to foster individual attention and close student/faculty relationships. Student experience an atmosphere of superior teaching and scholarship in preparation for their futures in public service or in the private sector.

Criminal justice majors receive personal attention in the classroom and individualized attention from their academic advisor. Inside or out of the classroom, you will receive personal attention and guidance - from choosing classes to choosing a career or a graduate program that's right for you.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

15 credit hours of the following

  • CRJ 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 225, Criminology
  • CRJ 311, Social Research Methodology
  • CRJ 401, Practicum
  • CRJ 409, Senior Seminar

21 credit hours of departmental electives

6 credit hours of the following sociology courses

  • SOC 105, Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 216, Class Race and Gender -OR- SOC 217, Social Problems

9 credit hours of the following supporing courses

  • MAT 208, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences -OR- PSY201, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 105, General Psychology -OR- ECO 105, Principles of Economics -OR- POS 105, Introduction of Political Science
  • One elective from among Psychology, Economics, Political Science, History, or Communications. This elective cannot be the following: PSY 105, ECO 105, POS 105, HIS 101, HIS 102, COM 105, COM 204, COM 207, or COM 305.

and 3 credit hours of experiential learning.

Minor in Criminal Justice

  • CRJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 225 - Criminology
  • 12 hours departmental electives, 6 of which must be at the 300- or 400-level