Computer Center at Thomas More College


Login Information



What's my username?
All students are required to use a new (single) username to login into Novell (Computer Login), MyTMC, Classweb, and Groupwise Email effective April 12, 2010. Your username is the first character of your first name, middle initial, and the first four characters of your last name, and a random two digit number. Any student may call the Computer Center at (859) 344-3646 to obtain their username.

What's my password?
Your initial password is a random set of eight characters & numbers. You must come to the Computer Center with a valid photo id to retrieve your initial password.

How can I change my password?
You can go to

My password used to work. What happened?
Once you change your initial password, passwords do not expire for students. Make sure your CAPS lock is not on! Please go to and click on forgotten password.

What's my email address?
Your email address is your first name.last (Example:

How do I access my email?
You can access your email by going to
Your username is: First six characters of Last Name, First Initial, and Middle initial. (Example: John T. Smithson = smithsjt).

How do I forward my email to another address?
Inside your webmail, click on Options, then click on the Rules folder. Choose Type: Forward, then hit Create. Type in a Rule name and under define action type in the TO: address to where you want to forward it. Then click on Save, a notification will appear, click OK and then hit Save again. Then place a check in your Rule to activate it and hit Close.

Can I make a copy of something?
There are two coin-ops available for students to make copies on campus. One is available on the main level of the Library and the other coin-op is in the Student Center inside the Computer Lab (next to the Bookstore).

What printers are available on campus for me to print color/black?
The Computer Center has a Color Printer available for students.
All other labs contain black & white printers.

How can I fax or scan on the KM600 Copiers?
Students can fax/scan from the KM600 in the Computer Center. Below are the instructions:

Press the Input button on the touch panel. Enter your access code scan using the touch panel for a SCAN and enter your access code fax using the touch panel. When finished entering your access code, press the OK button on the touch panel. Press the Access button to gain access to the copier.

Scan – Press to enter the scan mode. While the machine is in scan mode, the indicator on the [Scan] Key lights up in green. For more information, refer to the Network Scanner Operations of the bizhub 750/600 User's Guide. To SCAN a document to be emailed to a recipient, Press the Scan button to enter SCAN mode. To enter an E-Mail address manually, press Direct Input on the touch screen and press Scan to E-mail. Type in the E-Mail address using the touch panel. When finished, press START to send the document. To select an existing E-Mail address from the Thomas More E-Mail directory, press LDAP Search on the touch panel. Select Basic or Advanced and enter the search criteria used to search with. Select the address(es) by touching the name(s). You do have the ability to select multiple address to scan (E-Mail) to. Press START to send the scan.

Fax -Press to enter the fax mode. While the machine is in fax mode, the indicator on the [Fax] Key lights up in green. The [Fax] Key is currently not available. To FAX a document from the machine, please the pages face up in the document feeder and press the FAX button if you have not already done this. Type a 9 then the phone number of the fax machine you are sending to. If this is a long distance phone you will not be able to FAX. Please the Start button to send the FAX.

What is my print balance and how much does it cost?
The Computer Center uses a print management program to track and monitor printer usage. This print-management software called PaperCut has been installed on all student computers. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of the school resources and will monitor all student print balance accounts.

  1. Each semester a student is granted a beginning Print Balance of $35.00. The print charge back for a single print on any Black/White Student printer is .01 cents. This allows a student to have 3,500 total B/W prints per semester (200 average pages a week). The print charge back for a single color print made on the Color Printer in the Computer Center (HP4700) is .25 cents. The Student Color printer is to be used only for classwork related printing.
  2. Each student can print up to 50 pages per job and three copies at a time. If your job doesn't print, please check your copy count. The copy count will keep eliminate users to using the printer in excess when other students need to print a job on the same printer.
  3. If you know ahead of time that you have a large color job to print, you may take it to Office Services to print instead of using your print balance. If your print balance is running low and you need to replenish it, please go to the Bursar's office. Tell the Bursar that you need to put money into the Computer Center supplies account and they will notify us to increase your amount.
  4. If you are taking a course, such as an art design program, that requires you to turn in color copies of your design documents, the Computer Center will adjust your print balance so that you will be able to print these documents or you can take you documents to the HelpDesk and they can print it out for you. Please have your instructor contact the HelpDesk with the course and student information.
  5. Please do not use your personal account to print documents for club or activity related projects since the prints will go against your printer balance. Clubs or other activity related projects can request a separate account for this purpose.
  6. During the semester you can check your print balance by opening the icon on your desktop. This will show your balance as well as the jobs you have printed and any error messages you may have received during a print job.