Computer Center at Thomas More College

Spring Semester Hours

Mon-Thurs 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Computer Center HelpDesk

(859) 344-3646

Computer Center

The Computer Center is located on the lower level of the Administration Building.

Students have access to PCs at various locations around the campus with proper identification, and may use any of the PCs located in these areas on an availability basis. Internet and E-mail privileges are provided to students. Students are expected to comply with the Computer Technology Policies to retain privileges.

Thomas More College Computer Center has a student network. All PCs accessible to students are connected to the network, which allows access to the Internet.

Software available includes:

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Outlook

All Software operating on the TMC network and/or PCs located on the TMC campus is licensed by TMC and is not to be copied by anyone for any reason. Unauthorized copying or modification of any software is a violation of US Copyright Laws and written agreements with suppliers of said software. Students caught in violation of these agreements could face suspension, expulsion, and/or criminal charges.

TMC Computer Center Policy Statement

It is the intention of Thomas More College to provide computer facilities for students, faculty and staff in conjunction with their academic pursuits. In order to safeguard the property of the College, as well as leased property of others by the College, certain restrictions regarding the use of the computer facilities will apply.

I. The following activities are prohibited in the PC Lab, VAX Lab and PC Classroom:

a) eating
b) drinking
c) smoking
d) disruptive behavior
e) copying of software found on TMC systems

II. Computer Games

a) Users may play computer games when the facilities are open and no other user requires a PC or terminal for academic purposes.
b) The staff member on duty reserves the right to terminate computer games if they interfere with the work of others.
c) Games may not be loaded into the hard drives of any PC's located in the various computer labs. Computer Center Staff will remove any games loaded.

Such restrictions and any sanctions, which may apply, are consistent with the Student Code of Conduct.