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Career Connections

Communication is the branch of language arts which focuses on the expression of information and ideas through sound, visual, spoken and written tools. Study in communication is understanding and practicing the many ways human beings transfer information. You'll also study the basic goals of communication which are to inform, persuade, entertain, and control.

Occupational Possibilities are endless

  • newspaper reporter
  • customer service representative
  • broadcasting productions supervisor
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • university information specialist
  • Campaign director
  • Marketing Communications
  • Media Manager
  • communication consultant
  • editor
  • speechwriter
  • travel agent
  • retail salesperson
  • broadcasting floor manager
  • newspaper columnist
  • community affairs liaison
  • technical writer
  • internal newsletter editor
  • public information officer
  • media buyer
  • priviate school fund raiser
  • marketing coordinator for a shopping mall
  • radio news director
  • press secretary
  • radio announcer
  • disc jockey
  • forensics coach
  • broadcast scriptwriter
  • bookstore owner/manage
  • real estate salesperson
  • Cable television company sales
  • tourism bureau director
  • theatre business manager
  • sports writer
  •  educational media specialist
  • booking agent
  • hospital public information officer