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Interview Assistance

The job interview may be the most important criterion in hiring. Preparing for the interview involves more than just dressing up and meeting the interviewer at the right place and time.

The Career Planning Center staff can assist students by:

  • Answering questions about the job or employer
  • Referring students to company literature or other sources of information
  • Teaching interview methods
  • Practicing an interview with a student and providing feedback
  • Describing professional attire
  • Providing a list of practice questions

Parts of the Interview

An interview is composed of separate parts, all of which are key to a successful interview. The Career Planning Center provides a general guideline of the parts of an interview.

Interview Do's and Dont's


  • Research the company first and prepare thoughtful questions
  • Practice answers to questions that reflect key skills
  • Have pen, notebook, extra resumes, and reference list
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • Maintain good eye contact and body language
  • Be honest
  • Ask interviewer(s) for a business card
  • Send thank you note immediately


  • Smoke or chew gum
  • Sit without being asked
  • Say anything negative about previous employer
  • Answer questions too quickly without listening first
  • Bring up the topic of salary
  • Mumble or use slang words
  • Lose concentration or confidence
  • Ignore the secretary

The Career Resource Room also has books and videos about interviewing.

Thank You Letters
The thank you letter is sent to the employer following every interview. Its purpose is to thank the interviewer for his or her time and information. It also provides the applicant with another chance to remind the interviewer of the interest and skills you have to offer the company. Timely, professionally typed thank you letters make a good impression on a potential employer.

- Parts of a Thank You Letter