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Co-Op Education

The slogan "Earn While You Learn" is symbolic of what the Co-op Program offers students. Not only are students being awarded academic credit for their experiential learning, they are also earning a salary. The motivation behind Co-op is the desire to provide the students with the opportunity to relate classroom theories to practical work experience.

In the optional Co-op program at Thomas More College, students begin working anytime after their first year, either part-time (about 20 hours per week) for consecutive semesters while continuing part-time study (parallel model) or full-time with alternating semesters of full-time study (alternating model). Students working the alternating model are considered full-time, although they need not be enrolled in 12 credit hours during work semesters. (Note: To comply with NCAA and certain Financial Aid regulations, students need to be registered for six credit hours per alternating work term.

Students are expected to work a minimum of two work terms and maintain a 2.5 or better GPA. Employment approval by the Faculty Co-op Coordinator is required for participation in the program. Employment assistance is provided, but co-op jobs are not guaranteed.

Faculty Co-op Coordinators monitor student progress via supervisor evaluations and site visits. These measures enable Faculty Coordinators to determine if the students' learning objectives are being fulfilled. By completing the required academic assignment, students may earn one to three credit hours per semester for co-op. A non-credit option is also available. The appropriate course number will be assigned when a placement is made.

Students interested in participating in cooperative education should view the information in MyTMC Student Services or contact the Career Planning Office.