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Career Change

It used to be that "climbing the corporate ladder" was viewed as the only path to success. Now, a career path may look more like a road map, or even a jigsaw puzzle! Because there is no single right way to build a career, ask yourself the following questions to determine your next move.

  • Am I looking to change to something, not just moving from something?
  • Have my personal or professional goals significantly changed?
  • Do I have the highest energy level on Friday afternoons and lowest motivation on Monday mornings?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice my current level of security (including pay, benefits, leisure time, circle of friends, family needs) to make a career move?
  • Will I undertake a full effort to research a career decision, including networking, informational interviewing, and/or volunteer experiences?
  • Have I approached my current employer about issues that could be resolved without changing jobs?

Remember, a average person will change careers 4 to 6 times in their lifetime - AND change jobs 10 times!