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Miscellaneous Charges

In addition to tuition, room and board charges, Thomas More College requires fees for the following services:
Application/First Time Registration: $25

Student Services Fee:
Full-Time: $60 per semester
Part-Time: $15 per semester

Technology Fee:
1-11 credit hours: $30 per credit hour
Full-time students: $300 per semester

Bachelor Degree: $50 (after deadline $75)
Associate Degree: $50 (after deadline $75)

Parking: NO CHARGE

Some courses have special lab and supply fees, which range from $10 to $160. Information on these fees is available when semester schedules are released.

Late Fee: $50
A late fee will be added if payment or payment arrangements are not made by the approved date. Also the registration may be canceled and the student will have to re-register incurring a $100 reinstatement fee.