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Dental School

Dental School is a four year program that leads to the awarding of the Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.D.M.). Entrance to Dental School requires completion of a suggested undergraduate curriculum.

Statistics (U of L used): GPA of ~3.4, science GPA of ~3.2 and DAT score ~ 17.5.

Dental Curriculum

  • Four year program
  • First two years traditionally focus on studies to prepare each student for the clinical practice of dentistry and for the National Boards, Part I. Second two years will concentrate on "hands on" patient treatment (rotations required)
  • Often an extramural summer program between 3rd and 4th year is required.
  • See specific schools for details (see web link below)

Important Links and Information

To request an AADSAS application by

Telephone: use the automated telephone line at (202) 667-1887 or (800) 353-2237.

DAT Information:

DAT Program
Department of Testing Services
East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(800) 621-8099 or (312) 440-2687