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Alumni Association Volunteer Committees

The TMC Alumni Association has several volunteer opportunities through which many of our activities are accomplished. Alumni volunteers are at the core of our efforts. We encourage all alumni, no matter when you graduated, to join our ad hoc volunteer committees.

College Correspondence Committee

Many TMC items you receive in your mailboxes are assembled by our College Correspondence Committee. They volunteer their time and efforts to assist the Office of Institutional Advancement with several mailings and special projects throughout the year.

  • Group of retired or semi-retired alumni able to volunteer their time to help the Office of Institutional Advancement with small mailings (less than 1,500 constituents).
  • This group gathers 2 - 3 times per year to stuff and label mailings while networking in a social atmosphere.
  • Group is typically needed in spring and summer months. You will be notified 1- 2 weeks prior to mail dates. Mailings typically finish within 1 - 2 days.
Marilyn Esselman
Joyce Ginney (1954)
Tom Ginney (1952)
Juanita Hanna (1958)
Jeanne Jacobs (1951)
Carol Jansen (1951)
Janet Mentrup (1954)
Tom Mentrup
Marg Middendorf (1952)
Ginny Murphy (1953)
Mary Elise Regan (1966)
Pud Vogt (1951)

Distinguished Alumnae League

Established in 2006, this group of notable alumnae with varied professional executive backgrounds share their expertise, wisdom and experiences with our current students in a partnership capacity.

  • Group of alumnae who have achieved recognition in their careers, profession or volunteer activities to serve as mentors/role models for current students.
  • This group plans different activities each year to make the most of their expertise available to students (i.e., classroom discussions, job shadowing, mentoring, career counseling, etc.). They meet twice a year to plan their sessions and network among themselves.
  • Membership is by invitation and currently 30 members strong.
Leslie Armstrong
Kathy Beechem (1973)
Julie (Roesel) Belton (1993)
Donna Bloemer (1991)
Patricia Borne (1981)
Bethany (Vice) Bowling (2002)
Emilie (Miller) Camp (2001)
Kathy Collins (1986)
Jenni Crowley-Albu (2003)
Shannon Galbraith-Kent (1998/faculty)
Julie Geisen Scheper (1976)
Kim (Kehoe) Goodwin (1992)
Kim Halbauer (2000)
Suzanne (Kleier) Kress, M.D. (2002)
Amity (Yeager) Kukla (2001)
Charlotte Laird (1994)
Lisa Lickert (2006)
D. Lynn Meyers (1977)
Leisa Mulcahy (2011)
Julie Mueller (staff)
Johnna Reeder (2007)
Meg Reynolds (1985)
Lisa Ripley (2000)
Jennifer Schack (2004)
Cate Sherron (faculty)
Sherry Stanforth (faculty)
Becky Tacy (1985/faculty)
Jeanne-Marie Tapke (1991)
Wonda Winkler (1990)