RN to BSN Program at Thomas More College

RN to BSN Curriculum

Course Listings

MAT205/208 Statistics
An investigation of graphic methods, frequency distributions, percentiles, central tendency, variability, standard scores, normal and binomial distributions, hypothesis testing and correlation. (3 credits, 8 weeks)

NUR310 Theoretical Perspectives in Nursing (3)
This course, designed for the RN student entering the BSN program, introduces the student to the philosophy, theory and roles of the professional nurse across the educational continuum in the context of contemporary and future professional nursing practice. Major theories and concepts derived from nursing and related disciplines provide a basis for the study of nursing practice. In this course students will explore the historical evolution of nursing and related theories, focusing on the connection of theory, research and practice.

NUR403 Nursing Research (2)
Prerequisites: MAT205 or 208; NUR310. This course is an introduction to the research process and the role of research in nursing, with a focus on developing a basic understanding of the components of the research process and on the critical consumption of research.

NUR410 Community Health Issues in Nursing (4)
Prerequisite: NUR403. Designed for the registered nurse, this course examines the application of the nursing process to families, groups, and the community. A focus is placed on bridging acute care to the community. The student applies community resources to continuity of care. World health issues, basic epidemiology, and health policy are examined for impact in the community.

NUR410P Community Health Issues and Practicum (4)
Prerequisite: NUR403 and NUR410. Designed for the registered nurse, this course examines the application of the nursing process to families, groups, and the community. The student applies principles of community nursing to design a self-guided practicum with focus on community resources for individuals, families and groups. The student conducts a community assessment and examines the impact of health needs of the community.

NUR411 Leadership and Management in Nursing (4)
Prerequisites: NUR403. This course assists registered nurses to create a vision for themselves as leaders in healthcare. Course content focuses on the evaluation of models and concepts of leadership and management transformation for application in healthcare and develops knowledge of current approaches to systems and models for change management.

NUR411P Leadership and Management in Nursing Practicum (4)
Pre or Co requisite: NUR411. The registered nurse focuses on the application of leadership and management principles to autonomously deliver safe, evidence based care. The student functions as collaborator, change agent, and leader within the health care.

HCM420 Health Informatics (3)
The history and current status of information systems in health care organizations will be provided in this course. Areas of focus include information architectures, administrative and clinical applications, strategic planning, security, and benefits realization.

HCM480 Health Care Policy & Issues (3)
The historical development of the U.S. health care system establishes the foundation for analysis of current and future policy as well as implementation at the local, state and federal levels.