RN to BSN Program at Thomas More College

RN to BSN Curriculum

RN - BSN Course Descriptions

NUR 310 Theoretical Perspectives in Nursing
Explores the historical evolution of nursing and related theories focusing on their utilization in the implementation of the nursing process. (3 credits, 8 weeks)

MAT205/208 Statistics
An investigation of graphic methods, frequency distributions, percentiles, central tendency, variability, standard scores, normal and binomial distributions, hypothesis testing and correlation. (3 credits, 8 weeks)

NUR 403 Nursing Research
This course introduces the student to the research process and the role of research in nursing. It focuses on the student developing an understanding of the process and on critical consumption of research. Prerequisites: MAT205 or 208; NUR203. (2 credits, 8 weeks)

NUR 410 Community Health Issues and Nursing
The focus is on the care of the community as a client. Principles of health promotion and illness prevention for individuals, families, and groups are utilized in working towards a healthy community. World health organizations and environmental issues are examined for their effects on communities. ( 4 credits, 8 weeks)

NUR 4010 P Community Health Issues Practicum
This clinical course is designed to be a synthesis of community based nursing and community/public health nursing with the goal of promoting and preserving the health of populations. This course recognizes that community health practice is responsible to the community as client with services provided to individuals, families and groups to promote health and prevent disease. Students will apply knowledge and skills from nursing and public health sciences to expand their understanding of caring for a community's health (4 credit hours). Prerequisite: NUR406. (4 credits, 8 weeks)

NUR411 Leadership and Management in Nursing
Focuses on the application of leadership principles and management skills in nursing and the use of the nursing process with clients experiencing complete health problems. (4 credits, 8 weeks)

NUR4011 P Leadership and Management Practicum
This clinical course is an applied capstone experience and provides an opportunity for the student to gain experience in a particular area of interest. The clinical practicum is designed to be a project conducted independently by the student at a setting of the student’s choice. The student works with a preceptor and faculty to develop specific goals and objectives, and submits a summary of the project at the completion of the course Prerequisite: NUR407. ( 4 credit, 8 weeks)

HCM 420 Health Informatics
The history and current status of information systems in health care organizations will be provided in this course. Areas of focus include information architectures, administrative and clinical applications, strategic planning, security, and benefits realization. (3 credits, 8 weeks)

HCM 480 Health Care Policy & Issues
The historical development of the U.S. health care system establishes the foundation for analysis of current and future policy as well as implementation at the local, state and federal levels. (3 credits, 8 weeks)