MBA Program at Thomas More College


Do I have to take the GMAT?
Students that have a GPA of 2.7 or better are currently not required to take the GMAT exam. Applicants that need to schedule the exam do so through the GMAT website. Please consult your enrollment representative for free study resources.

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Who fills out letters of recommendation?
Students submitting an application to the Graduate Admissions Committee should seek Professional Recommendations from coworkers, supervisors, and/or professors who have worked with you in excess of six months. No personal recommendations, please.

What is the Masters Project?
The Masters Project is an opportunity for MBA students to put their academic experience to work. The cohort group will act as a consulting firm for an actual local organization, selected by the business faculty. The organization will present specific business issues, and the cohort group will prepare a detailed business plan to address the challenges. The project culminates with a capstone presentation to the "client" organization and faculty.

When is the deadline for the application?
There are no set deadlines for the application. MBA classes start on an ongoing basis, and applications are accepted throughout the year.

Do I need to work in a group?
Absolutely! We are preparing you for the next step in your career progression. Leaders need to understand how to collaborate and communicate.

How long is the program of study?
Business degree holders can finish at an accelerated pace in less than two years!