BBA Program at Thomas More College


The Bachelor of Business Administration Health Care Management major is a 66 credit hour degree completion program. The HCM coursework will be offered in a blended model of in-class and online work. BBA students majoring in Health Care Management start HCM courses after BUA331 in the BBA core sequence.

HCM 370 Principles of Health Care Services
An introduction to the structure, functions, and role of the business and economic systems with an emphasis on the organization of the U.S. health care system is provided. (3 credits)

HCM480 Health Care Policy and Issues
The historical development of the U.S. health care system establishes the foundation for analysis of current and future policy as well as implementation at the local, state and federal levels. ( 3credits)

HCM 410 Health Care Indicators and Quality Management
The critical principles underlying quality management and outcomes assessment will be examined. Qualitative and quantitative continuous quality improvement tools, essential for outcomes improvement in health care organizations, will be provided. (3credits)

HCM 330 Managerial Epidemiology 
In the context of epidemiology as a tool for analyzing health problems in a managerial setting, students will learn the theoretical basis and underlying key aspects of the analysis and interpretation of epidemiologic studies.  Measures of disease frequency and statistical significance relative to variables affecting disease trends will be examined. (3 credits)

HCM 420 Health Informatics 
The history and current status of information systems in health care organizations will be provided in this course.  Areas of focus include information architectures, administrative and clinical applications, strategic planning, security, and benefits realization. (3 credits)

HCM 498 Senior Seminar
Strategic management, health care and business policy concepts are used to integrate the health care and business core courses.  Case analysis, professional literature review, and a major presentation are required.  (3 credits)