BBA Program at Thomas More College

Financial Aid Checklist

In addition to the many employers who contribute financially to their employees' educational pursuits, there are a number of grants, loans and scholarships available for students seeking to supplement their educational costs. TAP candidates are encouraged to consult with the Thomas More Financial Aid Office and complete the following steps to secure financial assistance. When possible, we encourage you to use online resources and application forms to expedite your financial aid application process.

  1. FAFSA: Complete the online financial aid application at
  2. MPN (Master Promissory Note): Complete online MPN
  3. Entrance Loan Counseling: Complete federal requirement online here.
  4. FA Tutorial and Student Account Forms

After you apply...

1) The Student Aid Report (SAR) will be sent to the applicant. This is a summary of your FAFSA answers. Online applicants will receive the SAR via e-mail.

2) If verification documentation is requested or if the school needs additional information, you will be sent a Verification Packet. it is important that you submit all forms or information to the TAP Financial Aid Office as quickly as possible. Failure to respond quickly to correspondence from this department will delay your financial aid.

3) The Financial Aid Office will send an Award Packet to each student after the calendar for the cohort group is finalized (approximately 3-4 weeks before your group begins). Complete and return the Award Packet and complete the online Entrance Loan Counseling and MPN. Failing to do so will result in a delay in processing your financial aid.

Confirming your loan...

1) Once you complete entrance loan counseling and the MPN, your loan will be processed. The guarantee agency that is processing your loan will send you a Disclosure Statement detailing the specifics about your loan, including disbursement dates, etc.

2) The TAP Accounting Office will send a notification regarding receipt of disbursement detailing all courses that are covered by the disbursement as well as any balances still due.

3) You will receive notification if you are receiving a refund check. It can be picked up at the TAP reception desk during normal office hours.

Students who receive financial aid should reapply by March 15 (priority deadline) of each year to avoid delays in financial aid processing.

If you have any questions about the financial aid process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (859) 344-3331 or Fax (859) 344-3638.

Questions regarding Disbursement Notifications and Refund Checks can be directed to the Thomas More College TAP offices at (859) 341-4554 or Fax (859) 578-3589.

E-mail or Call (859) 341-4554 today to schedule an appointment with an enrollment counselor.