Thomas More College

Writing Center

Writing Center "Coaches"

The Thomas More College Writing Center is designed to offer students, faculty and staff an opportunity to enhance written communication skills through face-to-face and/or online consulting sessions. The Center's trained consultants welcome all writers from remedial students who need help making the transition to college-level writing to more experienced upper-level writers. The Center offers each student individualized assistance at any level of the writing process.

Our Center functions within the English Department as a Student Support Service. The assistance that we offer is defined by the energy and excitement produced by consultants in collaboration with students who are interested in better writing and sharpening and strengthening the critical thinking skills that are involved in the process of writing.

The center is available for F2F assistance with students seeking assistance at any stage of the writing process and in any subject area. Scheduled appointments receive priority assistance but drop-ins are always welcome.

Students who are not able to visit the center during our daytime hours may consult with a tutor online through our virtual writing center on MyTMC. Note that our OWL hours are limited. Tutors will not be able to address papers submitted before 5pm or after 8pm. Students needing assistance during the times that our campus tutors are not available are invited to use the "Smarthinking2" resources.

The Writing Center is supervised by Professor Julie Daoud in the English Department.

Face to Face Hours

Face-to-face consultations are the most effective way to strengthen writing for ENG 099 and ENG 150 courses, lab reports, and sessions devoted to APA or MLA citation formats, and attending to writing basics such as grammar and punctuation. We also recommend face-to-face appointments for any writer who is frustrated, lost, or stuck in a writing assignment, and for writers who need help in the very early stages of developing ideas or in the very last stages of proofreading.

The OWL works well for sessions devoted to adding content and organizing ideas. It is also a great option for clarifying ideas. The OWL should be used when a student needs help after our F2F hours are over for the day or for students who need to work from home (or dorms) and want to work collaboratively with a peer-consultant in a chat-based space.

To access the OWL is a cinch. Follow these steps:

  1. From the myTMC homepage, click on “Academic Support Services.”
  2. Click the link to “Writing Center.”
  3. From here, click on “Virtual Writing Center.”
  4. Submit your information as it is described on the page.
Expect a timely response from a tutor between 5-8; if you haven’t gotten a reply from a tutor, feel free to email the Writing Center Director at