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Andrew Linkugel

Andrew Linkugel

Andrew began his studies at Thomas More College as a freshman in the Thomas More College Honors Program. Despite the rigorous course load this curriculum entails, Andrew Linkugel has consistently proven himself to be one of the most academically gifted students at Thomas More College. From an academic perspective, Andrew is clearly innately talented and has established himself as an outstanding scholar. He is always in the top 2% of his class and has been on the Dean's High Honors List (GPA of 4.0/4.0) for each of the seven semesters (to date) he has attended Thomas More College. Indeed, Andrew earned the Outstanding Student in Organic Chemistry award in his sophomore year and is often mentioned by his instructors as one of the "best students" they have encountered. Andrew is not afraid of challenges, as evidenced by his decision to obtain not only a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology but also a Concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

In addition to performing well academically, Andrew consistently demonstrates an intense desire to learn and truly comprehend course material. During the summer prior to attending Thomas More College, Andrew was selected to work at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in their Summer for Sickle Cell Program - his quality of work even then was of such a high caliber that he was given authorship on a peer-reviewed publication. It was not at all surprising to the faculty at Thomas More College that, as a rising junior, Andrew was awarded a full-time summer research internship position in the University of Kentucky Cellular and Molecular Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Biochemistry program. During the summer of 2011, Andrew studied inhibitors of angiogenesis under the mentorship if Dr. Craig Vander Kooi. Andrew presented the findings from his research at the Argonne Undergraduate Research Symposium in Illinois (October, 2011); It is a testament to the quality of his work that Andrew was invited to return for a second summer to work as an intern in the same REU program with Dr. Kooi (which he accepted ). In the past year, Andrew has once again presented his research, this time at the Thomas More College Research Forum where he earned the Deans Award of Excellence in the Sciences; in addition, he took Third Place for Poster Presentation at the Regional Tri-Beta Conference held at Dayton University in Dayton, Ohio.

When speaking of Andrew, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that in addition to his academic intelligence, he possesses other, equally important attributes that make him particularly outstanding student. The first is his ability to get along with others. As one professor stated, "Andrew deals with others in a manner of humility and respect that is unquestionably impressive. This manner is expressed regardless of whether he is dealing with faculty, peers, customers while fundraising or a homeless migrant. Additionally, he is wisely able to balance this serious and respectful manner with a relaxed manner which makes him simply fun to be around". The second characteristic of Andrew that the Committee would like to emphasize is his desire to serve. Andrew has been involved in tutoring and mentoring elementary school students in an underprivileged area of Covington, Kentucky for two and half years. Although this activity is one that is required of students participating in the Honors Program, Andrew's enthusiasm for this service activity clearly demonstrates that his participation is more than just "checking the box". This may best be exemplified by the insightful comment made by the teacher of one of Andrew's mentees: "Andrew Linkugel was working with a very difficult student of ours. This student is bright but has behavioral issues. Andrew would e-mail him via my school email to check on his behavior. Andrew even sent physics problems via email related to what we were studying in 4th grade science. Unfortunately, my student was not able to continue in the tutoring/mentoring program but Andrew continued to check on him." Indeed, Andrew's decision to perform summer research (as opposed to research during the academic year - an option allowed by the Honors Program) was based primarily on his desire to continue working with the children in this program. In addition to this, Andrew recently volunteered to participate in the Thomas More College Border Studies program that involves aiding migrant and displaced workers in El Paso Texas. This was not an easy undertaking. As noted by the faculty leader of this trip, "Andrew's ability to adjust to diversity was impressive. Students often experience a degree of culture and emotional shock as they are introduced to our time with the homeless. Andrew was able to help other dealing with this, and was pivotal in reflective exercises …. his ability to deal with others socially and navigate streams of diversity is clearly a strength." Not one to succumb to "senioritis", Andrew spent this past spring break participating in a medical mission trip to Santiago Guatamala (wih TMC professor Julie Luebers' TEN FE (The Endeavor for New Futures through Education) charity. These are just a few examples of Andrew's ability/desire to help others.

Despite his busy schedule, Andrew has consistently worked and volunteered in medically related fields. For the past two and a half years, Andrew has been employed as a pharmacy technician at Kroger performing a variety of duties, including processing and filling prescriptions (he is certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board). From a co/extracurricular perspective, Andrew also excels. He has been a member of Pre-Health Professionals Society at Thomas More College since his freshman year and has participated in numerous events, including serving lunch to families at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati, Ohio for the past several years. He was recently instated as a member of the βββ National Biological Honor Society (not surprising, given his academic and research success) and was elected to be the club Secretary for 2012-2013 academic year. Andrew has also participated in the Thomas More College Men's Cross Country Team for two seasons and was awarded Cross Country Academic All-Conference in 2009 and 2010. Clearly Andrew is a well-rounded individual.

Andrew's goal has always been to become a physician. There is little doubt that he will succeed and contribute in very meaningful ways to both his profession and society. Currently he has been accepted into some of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. These include:

  • Harvard Medical School
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • University of Michigan Medical School
  • Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
  • University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • University of Louisville School of Medicine
  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Andrew is still in the process of deciding which medical school will be lucky enough to have him as a student.