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Guiding Principles

At Thomas More College, we believe that the self-governed America envisioned by the Founders of the United States of America is sustained by people whose moral and intellectual constitution is such that the greatest degree of human flourishing is made possible. Thus, our vision for the interdisciplinary Thomas More College Free Enterprise Center is that it will actively and vigorously engage scholars, students, and the public alike in serious, sustained examination of the topics of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation, religious liberty, and ethics. The Center will promote the exploration of these topics via research, symposia, publications, and lectures.

While we are committed to examining the intellectual, moral, and practical cases for the principles of a free society, we will take great pains to ensure that the Center does not impinge on academic freedom. Despite the fact that we plan to engage a variety of external funding sources in the mission and work of the Center, we will create an organizational culture that embraces competing points of view and, in fact, encourages the "marketplace of ideas." We will vehemently support freedom of conscience and expression, and the scholarship that is at the heart of the Center's mission will promote our belief that competition among various ideas is essential to a free society.

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Ray Hebert, Director, The William T. Robinson III Institute for Religious Liberty at Thomas More College
Dr. Kathleen Jagger, Acting President at Thomas More College
Dr. Judith Marlowe, Chair-Elect, Thomas More College Board of Trustees
Dr. John D. Rudnick, Jr., Director, Institute for Ethical Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies
T. Keith Schneider, President, SQUARE1, Inc.
Dr. Anthony Zembrodt, Thomas More College Board of Trustees
Dr. Angela Crawford, PhD, Dean of the College of Business
Dr. John Wolper, Director, Ethical Leadership Studies

Associated faculty member bios may be found here.

Associated Program Information

Institute for Religious Liberty
Ethical Leadership Studies
Work Ready Incubator