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Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Directory

Department Building Phone Number
AcademicsAdministrative Building344-3375
Academic SupportAdministrative Building344-3521
AthleticsConnor Convocation Center344-3536
BookstoreSaints Center344-3335
Campus MinistryAdministrative Building344-3683
Dean of StudentsAdministrative Building344-3544
Financial AidAdministrative Building344-4043
Health ServicesAdministrative Building344-3529
RegistrarAdministrative Building344-3388
Residence LifeAdministrative Building344-3572
Safety & Security Saints Center341-4867
Student Support ServicesAdministrative Building344-3445


What is the best way to support my child while they are enrolled at Thomas More?
Numerous research studies on college students have shown that college is a time for significant growth for your student. Whether they will be living on campus or not, they will still be going through a time of development and growth. Parental involvement ranges from low involvement to high involvement in their student's lives. Thomas More College suggests that you should talk with your son/daughter about each other's expectations during college. The best way to support your student is to be understanding of their demands while in college. College students are juggling many responsibilities and are often stressed out about a class or finding an internship. You may feel like you should help your student by doing things for them like filling out an application or helping them write a paper, but try to resist the urge to do everything for your student (or risk plagiarism)! Your student is learning many new skills that will enable them to be successful after college. Rest assured, there are professionals here at TMC that are trained in student development and/or counseling and are free of charge if your student encounters a problem.

I didn't go to college, what should I expect from my son or daughter attending TMC?
Students will need time to focus on their responsibilities for their coursework, their obligations for a club or organization, their requirements for an athletic team, time commitments for a part-time job, or any other time they will need in order to be successful here at Thomas More College. Students are expected to study at least 2-3 hours per credit hour of class. Time management is a skill that needs to be mastered as a college student. TMC wants to ensure that we enrich a student's WHOLE life. Therefore, parental support is necessary and those parents who want to be involved with their student's life are encouraged to support their student, but also to understand that a student is expected to take full responsibility for their academic and personal success. There are certain times a parent may need to get involved, but it is necessary for growth if the student solves their issues without a third party if possible. These are important conversations that parents and students need to have about whether a parent's involvement is absolutely necessary. Additionally, your student will be supported by many professional staff members here on TMC's campus, like Residence Life staff, Student Success staff, Health Professionals, and a number of trained professionals who all genuinely care about the well-being of your student. We at TMC know that your child's safety and well-being is the #1 priority for you. It is for us, too!

Health & Safety

What if my student becomes ill and needs medical attention?
We have a full time RN at the Health Center located in Administrative Building. She is available Monday- Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m; no appointment is necessary. If your student is sick after hours we have several Urgent Care facilities close to the college. St. Elizabeth Hospital is approx. 1 mile from campus. You may also email questions to the campus nurse Tammy Schatzman at

My student is feeling anxious/stressed/depressed. Is there someone they can talk to?
We have 3 licensed professional counselors on campus. Please encourage your student to contact the Counseling Center to talk with someone. Walk-ins and appointments are available. They can contact our Director of Student Support Services at 859-344-3445.

What if my student has an after-hours emergency? What if I need to get emergency information to my student?
The Safety & Security Office operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, and can assist you or your student in an emergency. They can be reached at (859)341-4867.


What is MyTMC?
MyTMC is where students go online to view their grades, register for classes, obtain course information, and find resources for all current students, including Financial Aid, Student Life, and Academics.

I want access to my son or daughter's grades. May I check my student's grades online?
Thomas More College will only disclose information about a student's education record if the student has signed a consent form giving us permission to do so. FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) protects a student's right in regards to their educational records. For more information, please go here or contact the Registrar's office at 859.344.3380 to fill out the waiver to allow parents to discuss a student's academic records with college staff members.

Who does my student contact is they are struggling in a class?
Thomas More has a peer tutoring center which is located in the Administration Building. If a student needs assistance they can contact the Academic Support Services Coordinator at 859-344-3521.

If my student gets sick and has to miss several classes; what should they do?
Your student should contact the instructor and let him/her know why they are missing class. Instructors are usually very willing to work with the student when they have missed classes and course work.

My student has a disability and needs special accommodations to complete course work. Are accommodations available at TMC?
TMC has a Disability Services Office located in the Administration Building. You will need to provide documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator to verify the disability in order to be eligible for accommodations. Please contact Academic Services/Disability Services Coordinator at 859-344-3521.

Is class attendance mandatory?
The College does not have a universal policy regarding class attendance. Each instructor may set his/her own standards for attendance. Attending class is essential to the success of the student for any course.

Financial Aid (Federal and Institutional)

My student is receiving financial aid. Do we need to apply every year?
Need-based financial assistance is determined on an annual basis. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed every year. Tax returns and other requested documentation must be submitted directly to the Financial Aid Office.

How do I pay the tuition bill? Can I pay it online?
The Bursar's office handles all billing and tuition. Tuition, room and board, and all other fees can be paid online or in person. To securely pay online, go here or bring your check or credit card to the Bursar's office in the main administration building.

I have a lot of questions about financial aid. Who do I call?
The easiest way to discuss financial aid is to call 859.344.4043 or stop in to the Financial Aid office and sit down with a counselor.

My child is receiving an outside scholarship, how does that apply to our account?
Have the scholarship supplier send the funds to the Office of the Bursar to have it applied to your student's account.

My student is eligible for work-study. What does that mean?
Your student will need to find an on-campus job in order to receive those funds. Your student may work as many hours as they wish; up to 20 per week. The work-study funds are tax-free and come in the form of a paycheck made out directly to the student. Check the online job board for on-campus jobs (see the Job Opportunities section)

We are having a financial hardship in our family at this time, how can I communicate this with Thomas More College Financial aid staff?
The easiest way to discuss financial aid is to call (859.344.3319) or stop in to the Financial Aid office and sit down with a counselor. There are certain scholarships for TMC students that can help satisfy the unmet need, they can help direct you to other resources or help you to fill out a Special Circumstances form and submit it to Financial Aid.

Student Life

My son or daughter is going to live in the residence halls. What do they need to bring?
Our Residence Life Department has a wealth of information for students who are living in the residence halls. Check out their website for all items that are helpful to living in the residence halls here.

If we have specific questions about College Housing or residence life who do we contact?
You may call the Assistant Director of Student Development & Housing at 859-344-3572.

My student lives off campus. Can he/she purchase an on-campus meal plan?
Yes, off-campus students may add a meal plan. Please review the options for meal plans on TMC's website here. There are directions on who to contact once you have decided on the plan best for your student.

My student wants to join a campus club or organization. Where can they get information?
TMC's clubs and organization are listed here and also in the student handbook. They can also contact the Coordinator of Student Activities at 859-344-4045.

Job opportunities/Textbooks/Other

My child is interested in working on campus. Where should they look for on-campus jobs?
We have a campus job board which is updated constantly. You can check it out here. Any student who is interested in working on campus is able to do so, whether or not the student has work-study funds or not! A student may also take multiple copies of their resume around to different campus departments to inquire if that department is hiring a work-study student.

Where can my student find information about an off campus job?
If your child is interested in an off-campus job, there are many options within walking distance in the Crestview Hills Towne Center which is across the street from TMC. If the student has a car, there are many opportunities in surrounding towns like Florence, Erlanger or Cincinnati. Keep in mind that some off-campus positions are not always as willing to be flexible for a student's schedule, so make sure your student puts academics first. Usually, the student finds an off-campus job on their own.

Where do students buy their textbooks and other school supplies?
The College Bookstore is located in the Saints Center and stocks textbooks for all courses, as well as other books, school supplies, and Saints sportswear and memorabilia. Click here to check out their site. The Bookstore is generally open from 9am-4pm during the week.

Can I visit the campus anytime I want to?
Residence Hall visitation hours are Sun-Thurs: 10 AM - MIDNIGHT/Fri-Sat: 10 AM - 2AM. Make sure you let your child know so they can clean their residence hall room or you don't arrive when they need to be studying or are in class! We have visitor parking in the lot near the main entrance to the administration building, in the resident visitor lot, or you can park in the faculty/visitor lot after 5pm and on weekends. Also, be sure to work out a schedule with your child so that they are becoming part of the Thomas More community and taking part in all of the fun activities!