Thomas More College


The Academic Affairs division of Thomas More College is overseen by the Academic Dean and Vice President for Academics, Dr. Kathleen Jagger. The Course Catalog contains all academic policies of Thomas More College, including all degree requirements. If you have any questions regarding academics, please contact his office or the Registrar's Office. Listed below is some important and frequently requested information.


MyTMC is the online place for your students to access their academic information, including course information and grades. Students also register and view their course and fee statements through MyTMC.

Academic Advising

All students are assigned a faculty advisor, who will assist them throughout their College career. It is crucial that your student get to know their advisor and feel comfortable talking with them. Academic advising is broken into two sections. Incoming first year students attending a First Year Seminar (FYS) class will have their instructor as their advisor until they declare a major (done during the last part of the first semester). After the major is declared, students will be assigned an advisor in their major department. Students who do not have to take FYS, transfer students and adult students will be assigned a faculty advisor upon entrance to Thomas More College.


Attendance in classes is crucial to success. Instructors at Thomas More College monitor attendance daily. Any missed absences should be discussed with the professors in advance or as soon as possible after any missed class. Excessive absences could result in a withdraw failing grade in the course.

Academic Status

Thomas More College has an academic status policy to ensure students remain on track to graduation. Any student achieving below a 2.0 cumulative GPA is placed on academic warning or suspension depending on how many hours they have attempted at Thomas More College. Students on warning or probation are not permitted to take more the 13 hours the following semester. Students on probation also cannot serve as officers or committee members in any campus organization or publicly represent the College (e.g. in athletic competition, in dramatic theatre, etc.). If a student does not achieve a 2.0 cumulative and semester GPA the following semester, they will be suspended from Thomas More College.


Student classification is determined by the number of credit hours earned.

First-Year 0-29 credit hours
Sophomore 30-59 credit hours
Junior 60-89 credit hours
Senior 90 or more credit hours