Master of Education Program at Thomas More College


An extensive mentoring relationship will be developed to follow the Teacher Leader Candidates through the successful completion of the program. Teacher Leader Candidates will be mentored by an Education Department faculty member and may be assigned a school-site/content area mentor. Regular checkpoints throughout the M.Ed. experience will keep candidates on track to graduation. In addition, the cohort model for this program uses peers as a source of support and learning as the group progresses through the curriculum.

M.Ed. Continuous Assessment Plan/Program Checkpoints

Checkpoint Date Goals to be accomplished Capstone Meetings
1 Pre-fall Admissions process
  • Application
  • Essay
  • Transcripts
  • References
  • Code of Ethics Form
  • Background Check
2 Mid to late first fall semester
  • Professional Growth Plan
  • Capstone Project Questions
  • Initial Meeting with Capstone Committee (after Professional Growth Plan advising session)
  • Explain Capstone process
  • Narrow in on research question
3 Summer semester
  • Revision/updates to Professional Growth Plan
  • Capstone Proposal/Approval by committee
  • Fall semester: student driven contact with committee
4 Second spring semester
  • Successful completion of all coursework as listed on Curriculum Contract
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 with no grade less than "C"
  • Dispositions Assessment
  • Updated/Revised Professional Growth Plan
  • Evidence of Learning/Professional Growth Essay
  • Successful completion of capstone/research project
  • Application for graduation approved by the Education Faculty and the Registrar
  • Completion of Exit Interview/survey
  • Defense of the research with committee
  • Presentation of work to cohort/public