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Open folder Academic Departments

Department card Academic Departments (Main Office) - Tel:859 344-3375 , Fax:859 344-4055
Department user Dr. Joe Christensen
   Assistant Dean & Associate Professor
   Tel:859.344.3368, Fax:3342
Department user Mrs. Elizabeth Hoh
   Administrative Assistant
   Tel:859-344-3375, Fax:859-344-4055
Department user Dr. Kathleen S. Jagger
   Vice President Academic Affairs & Dean of College
   Tel:859-344-3375, Fax:859 344-4055
Department card Accountancy
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. R. Steven Flynn
   Professor and Chairperson
   Tel:859-344-3316, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mr. Thomas J. Gilday
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3405, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Ms. Maria R. Mitchell
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3657, Fax:859-344-3345
Department card Art
 Department Heads
Department user Rebecca W. Bilbo
   Department Head
   Tel:859-344-3419, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Elizabeth Neal
   Assistant Professor, Studio Art
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Kirk Mayhew
   Adjunct Professor
Department user Victoria Sapp
   Adjunct Professor
Department card Biology
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Kathleen S. Barone
   Professor and Chairperson, Biology
   Tel:859-344-3371, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Christopher N. Lorentz
   Professor, Dir. of Environmental Science Program and Director of Biology Field Station
   Tel:859-344-3373, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Shannon Galbraith-Kent
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3370, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. John R. Hageman
   Associate Professor and Medical Laboratory Science Advisor
   Tel:859-344-3525, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Dustin Swanson
   Assistant Professor
Department user Dr. Zachary Taylor
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3594, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Emily Imhoff
   Laboratory Manager
Department user Mr. Dan Phirman
   Biology Laboratory Coordinator and Work-Study Supervisor
Department card Business Administration - Tel:859-344-3621 , Fax:859-344-3552
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. E. Anne Busse
   Associate Professor
Department user Dr. Robert A. Arnold
   Tel:859-344-3612, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Dr. Penny A. Braboy
   Associate Professor
Department user Dr. Lawrence T. Byerly
   Tel:859-344-3621, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Dr. Frederick Chen
   Tel:859-344-3415, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Dr. Kathy L. Dye
   Tel:859-344-3658, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Ms. Lynnette Guzzino, Esq.
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3510, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Ms. Carrie Jaeger
   Assistant Professor
   Tel:859-344-3591, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Dr. Christopher A. Moyer
   Tel:859-344-3621, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Dr. Eddie Oestreicher
   Associate Professor
Department user Dr. John D. (Jack) Rudnick, Jr., Ed.D.
   Associate Professor
Program Manager, Health Care Management
   Tel:859-344-3623, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mr. Richard L. Shuey
   Assistant Professor
   Tel:859-344-3406, Fax:859-344-3552
Department user Ms. Beth Koester
   Administrative Assistant
   Tel:859-344-3621, Fax:859-344-3552
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Mr. Joel Santos
   Adjunct Professor
   Tel:859-341-5800, Fax:859-344-3552
Department card Chemistry
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Tyler W. Green
   Chemistry Department Chair, Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3534, Fax:859-344-3542
Department user Dr. Daniel T. Esterline
   Tel:859-344-3376, Fax:859-344-3542
Department user Dr. William C. Wetzel
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3647, Fax:859-344-3542
Department card CIS
Department user Dr. Yousif Mustafa
   Associate Professor
Department user Mr. Charles John Zimmer Jr.
   Assistant Professor
Department card Co-Op Education
Department card Communication
 Department Heads
Department user Mary Jo Nead, M.A.
   Associate Professor and Department Chair of Communications & Theater
Department user Michele Gieger PhD.
   Associate Professor
Department user Patricia Raverty, M.F.A.
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3550, Fax:859-344-3345
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Daniel Dickson
   Adjunct Instructor
Department user Kelley Wainscott
   Adjunct Instructor
Department card Criminal Justice
Department user Dr. Amy Thistlethwaite
   Associate Professor
Department card Economics
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Malcolm Robinson
   Professor and Chairperson of Economics
   Tel:859-344-3682, Fax:859-344-3345
Department card Education
Department user Dr. Debra Allen
   Assistant Professor
Department user Dr. Sue Meabon Bartow
   Assistant Professor
Department user Dr. Kimberly Haverkos
   Assistant Professor
Department user Dr. Christina C. Petroze
   Associate Professor
Department user Dr. Barbara Zahler
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3358, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Ms. Cathy Milner
   Administrative Assistant
Department card Engineering
Department card English
 Department Heads
Department user Mr. James Schuttemeyer
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3384, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Julie Daoud
   Tel:859-344-3383, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Rex B. Easley
   Tel:859-344-3597, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Sherry Cook Stanforth
   Tel:859-344-3679, Fax:859-344-3345
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Mr. Steve Thomas
   Adjunct Faculty
Department user Ms. Sarah Vogt
   Adjunct Faculty
 Writing Center Staff
Department user Nathan Brown
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Adriana Fitch
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Elizabeth Hageman
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Samantha Isler
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Rachel Powell
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Graciele Reynolds
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Jenna Sketch
   Writing Center Staff
Department user Amanda Wagner
   Writing Center Staff
Department card Environmental Science
Department card Field Station - Tel:859-344-3373 , Fax:859-344-3624
Department user Ms. Marissa Donaldson
   Laboratory Technician
   Tel:859-635-6941, Fax:859-344-3624
Department user Dr. Dale Myers
Department card First Year Seminar
Department card Foreign Languages
Department user Dr. Florence Dwyer
   Associate Professor
Department user Dr. Maria C. Garriga
   Tel:859-344-3397, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Julie Luebbers
   Assistant Professorial Lecturer - Level I and II
Department card Forensic Science Science Building
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. James C. Swartz
   Department Chair of Forensic Science, Computer Information Systems, and Chemistry, Professor
   Tel:859-344-3379, Fax:8593443345
Department card Geography
Department card Gerontology
Department card Health Care
Department card History
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. James E. McNutt
   Professor and Department Chairperson
   Tel:859-344-3392, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mr. Patrick Eagan
Department user Dr. Raymond G. Hebert
   Full Professor, Gemini Program Director and Dean of the College Emeritus
   Tel:859-344-3310, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Jodie N. Mader
   Associate Professor
Department card Humanities
Department card International Studies
Department card Management Information Systems
Department card MAT
Department user Dr. Joyce Fortney Hamberg
   MAT Coordinator
Department card Mathematics
Department user Dr. Robert M. Riehemann
   Tel:859-344-3366, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Jyoti Saraswat
   Assistant Professor
Department user Dr. Harold Smith
   Assistant Professor
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Mr. Dale Van Laningham
   Adjunct Mathematics
   Tel:859-344-3652, Fax:859-344-3345
 Professor Emeritus
Department user Dr. Debbie Krug
   Professor Emeritus
Department user Dr. Steven H. Lameier
   Associate Professor
   Tel:N/A, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Thomas L. Vanden Eynden
   Professor Emeritus
Department card Medical Technology
Department card Music
Department user Mr. Stephen C. Goforth
   Assistant Professorial Lecturer
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Mrs. Rebecca Schaffer Wells
   Director of Choirs
Department user Mr. Andrew Winner
   Adjunct Faculty
Department card Nursing
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Lisa Spangler-Torok
   Full Professor and Chairperson
   Tel:859-344-3413, Fax:859-344-3537
Department user Ms. Peggy A. Cooper
   Assistant Professor
Department user Ms. Ann Denney
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3412, Fax:859-344-3537
Department user Mr. Brian Edwards
   Director of Athletic Training Program
Department user Mr. Justin Farr, MS, ATC
   Assistant Professor
Department user Ms. Carolyn E. Kallmeyer
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3407, Fax:859-344-3537
Department user Dr. Margaret (Peg) Owens
   Full Professor
   Tel:859-344-3410, Fax:859-344-3537
Department user Mr. Rick Rolfsen RN, MSN
   Assistant Professor of Nursing
Department user Dr. Rebeca Tacy
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3520, Fax:859-344-3537
Department user Ms. M. Lynn Taylor
   Assistant Professor
Department user Ms. Melissa Elliott
   Coordinator of Nursing Student Services
   Tel:859-344-3508, Fax:859-344-3537
Department card Philosophy
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Catherine Sherron
   Tel:859-344-3387, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Jerome J. Langguth
   Tel:859-344-3596, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Reverend Dr. Gerald E. Twaddell
   Tel:859-344-3339, Fax:859-344-3345
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Dr. Michael Parker
   Adjunct Faculty
Department card Physics
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Wes Ryle
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859.344.3367, Fax:3342
Department user Mr. Jack Wells
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3364, Fax:859-344-3345
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Mr. Thomas Neal
   Adjunct Professor
Department card Political Science
Department user Dr. John T. Spence
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3659, Fax:859-344-3345
Department card Pre-Legal Studies
Department card Psychology
 Department Heads
Department user Dr. Kathie Langen
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3303, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Lawrence Boehm
   Tel:859-344-3354, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Maria S. McLean
   Tel:859-344-3353, Fax:859-344-3537
 Adjunct Faculty
Department user Ms. Krista Neltner Campbell
   Adjunct Instructor
Department user Dr. John Ernst
   Associate Adjunct Professor
   Tel:859-344-3355, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Joseph Palladino
   Adjunct Professor
Department card Sociology
Department user Dr. James N. Camp
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3385, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Ms. Ellie Megerle
   Assistant Professor and Chairperson
   Tel:859-344-3617, Fax:859-344-3345
Department card Speech Communication
Department card Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Department card Theatre
Department user Mr. Greg Procaccino
   Director of the Theatre/Villa Players
   Tel:859-344-3421, Fax:859-344-3345
Department card Theology
 Department Heads
Department user Reverend Ronald M. Ketteler
   Associate Professor and Chairperson
   Tel:859-344-3393, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Dr. Stephen C. Holler
   Associate Professor
   Tel:859-344-3618, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Sr. Fidelis Tracy
   Assistant Professor
Department card Web Design

Open folder Academic Records Office

Department card Academic Records Office (Main Office) Main Campus Administration Building - Tel:859-344-3380 , Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Michelle Vezina
   Tel:859-344-3556, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Aimee Zimmer
   Assistant Registrar
   Tel:859-344-3388, Fax:859-344-3444

Open folder Administrative Offices

Department card Administrative Offices (Main Office)
Department card Bookstore Saints Center - Tel:859 344-3335
Department user Website
   Tel:(859) 344-3335
Department user Mrs. Erin Garnick
   Bookstore Manager
Department card Business Office - Tel:859-344-3315 , Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mr. Jeffrey Briggs
   Vice President of Finance and Operations, CFO
Department user Mrs. Lynn Finn
   Student Accounts Assistant
   Tel:859-344-3668, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mrs. Michelle Lehan
   Business Service Coordinator
   Tel:859-344-4066, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mrs. Beth Maley
   Controller/ Director of Student Accounts
   Tel:859-344-3513, Fax:859-344-3613
Department user Mrs. Tiffany Miller
   Staff Accountant
   Tel:859-344-3311, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Ms. Tammy Robinson
   Financial Assistant Coordinator
   Tel:859-344.3369, Fax:859-344-4044
Department card Human Resources Administration Building
Department user Laura Custer
   Director of Human Resources
   Tel:859 344.3314, Fax:859-344-3649
Department user Mrs. Milissa Larkins
   Payroll Coordinator
Department card Institute for Professional Development
Department card Institutional Planning and Effectiveness 2107 - Tel:859-344-3684 , Fax:859-344-3537
Department user Kelly French
   Director of Institutional Research
   Tel:859-344-3619, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mrs. Tina Ryle
   Institutional Research Analyst
   Tel:859-344-3665, Fax:859-344-3444
Department card President's Office Saints Center - Tel:859-344-3348 , Fax:859-344-3649
Department user Mr. David A. Armstrong, J.D.
   Tel:859-344-3348, Fax:859-344-3649
Department user Ms. Charlene Barlow
   Administrative Assistant

Open folder Admissions

Department card Admissions (Main Office) Main Campus Administration Building 1st Floor - Tel:859-344-3332 /800-825-4557 , Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Ms. Emily Combs
   Admissions Counselor
   Tel:859-344-3326, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mr. Jake Fishburn
   Enrollment Counselor
   Tel:859-344-3442, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Ms. Lindsey Gibson
   Enrollment Counselor
   Tel:859-344-3517, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mr. David Kennett
   Senior Admissions Counselor
   Tel:859-344-3402, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Dr. Christopher Powers
   Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
   Tel:859-344-3680, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mr. Cody Schaber
   Enrollment Process Coordinator
   Tel:859-344-3546, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mr. Lee Turner
   Enrollment Counselor
   Tel:859-344-3581, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mr. Justin Vogel
   Director of Admissions
   Tel:859-344-3307, Fax:859-344-3444
Department user Mr. Noah Welte
   Director of Student Success and Retention
   Tel:859-344-3515, Fax:859-344-3444
Department card Bursar's Office
Department card Financial Aid Office of Financial Aid - Tel:859-344-3319 , Fax:859.344-4050
Department user Mrs. Dyane K. Foltz
   Director of Financial Aid
   Tel:859-344-3531, Fax:859.344-4050
Department user Ms. Jennifer Mason
   Financial Aid Counselor
   Tel:859-344-3334, Fax:859.344-4050
Department user Mr. Mark Messingschlager
   Assistant Director of Financial Aid
   Tel:859-344-3506, Fax:859.344-4050
Department user Ms. Kris Staverman
   Administrative Assistant for Financial Aid - TAP

Open folder Athletics

Department card Athletics (Main Office) Connor Convocation Center - Tel:859-344-3536 , Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Ms. Theresa Behan
   Head Athletic Trainer
   Tel:859-344-4060, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Ms. Cara Beitman
   Assistant Athletic Trainer
   Tel:859-344-3635, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Cory Blackson
   Director of Athletic Communications
   Tel:859-344-3672, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Ms. Lindsay Bramhall
   Head Softball Coach & Assistant Athletic Director
   Tel:859-344-3628, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr, Eric Busener
   Assistant Soccer Coach
   Tel:859-344-4053, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Terry Connor
   Athletics Director
   Tel:859-344-3308, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Drew Cooper
   Head Men's Basketball Coach/ Women's Golf
   Tel:859-344-3630, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Jeff Cummings
   Head Men's and Women's Soccer Coach
   Tel:859-344-4053, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Ms. Mary Dahlhoff
   Administrative Assistant
   Tel:859-344-3448, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. John Durham
   Women’s Lacrosse Coach
   Tel:859-341-5800, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Christopher Eilerman
   Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
   Tel:859-344-3448, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Luke Farrell
   Assistant Athletic Trainer
   Tel:859-344-3635, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Jeff Hans
   Head Women's Basketball Coach
   Tel:859-344-3336, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Jeff Hetzer
   Head Baseball Coach/Associate Athletic Director
   Tel:859-344-3532, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Jeff Hill
   Head Track and Field Coach
   Tel:859-344-3527, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Derrick Jackson
   Head Coach, Cross-Country
   Tel:859-344-3447, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Marty Kamer
   Head Men's Golf
   Tel:859-344-3536, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Jeremy Martin
   Assistant Baseball Coach
   Tel:859-344-3673, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Chris Norwell
   Assistant Football Coach
   Tel:859-344-3400, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Kyle Prosser
   Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
   Tel:859-344-3400, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Regis Scafe
   Head Football Coach & Assistant Athletic Director
   Tel:859-344-3516, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. John Spinney
   Head Volleyball Coach
   Tel:859-344-3634, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mr. Trevor Stellman
   Assistant Football Coach
   Tel:859-344-3312, Fax:859-344-3632
Department user Mrs. Emily Tucker
   Cheerleading Coach
   Tel:859-344-3536, Fax:859-344-3632

Open folder Campus Facilities and Maintenance

Department card Campus Facilities and Maintenance (Main Office) 554 Engineering Building - Tel:859-344-3321
Department user Mr. David Neyer
   Plant Engineer
   Tel:859-344-3551, Fax:859-344-3345
Department user Mr. Eric Wilkymacky
   Director of Facilities
   Tel:859.344.3321, Fax:859-344-3345

Open folder Computer Center

Department card Computer Center (Main Office) Administration - Tel:859.344.3646 , Fax:859.344.3345
Department user Mr. Mark Allen
   Sr. IT Systems Analyst
   Tel:859-344-4051, Fax:859.344.3345
Department user Mr. Scott Carmichael
   Network and System Administrator
   Tel:859-344-3600, Fax:859.344.3345
Department user Mr. Sean Kapsal
   IT Manager
   Tel:859-344-3698, Fax:859.344.3345
Department user Mrs. Shelly Kelley
   IT Help Desk Supervisor
   Tel:859-344-3351, Fax:859.344.3345
Department card General College Account Admissions

Open folder Institutional Advancement

Department card Institutional Advancement (Main Office) Saints Center - Tel:859-344-3344 , Fax:859-344-3613
Department user Mrs. Elizabeth Champ
   Advancement Services Coordinator
Department user Mrs. Judy Crist
   Art Director/Graphic Design Services
Department user Mr. Karel Jelinek
   Athletic Fundraising, Alumni Giving Coordinator
   Tel:859-344-3541, Fax:859-344-3613
Department user Mr. Greg Macke
   Web Programmer / Social Media Manager
   Tel:859-344-3318, Fax:859-344-3613
Department user Mr. Anthony Roderick
   Director of Development
   Tel:859-344-3530, Fax:859-344-3613
Department user Mrs. Marita Salkowski
   Director of Communications & Public Relations
Department card Alumni Student Center - Tel:859-344-3346 , Fax:859-344-3613
Department user Ms. Monica Ginney
   Director of Alumni Relations
   Tel:859-344-3346, Fax:859-344-3613

Open folder Library

Department card Library (Main Office) - Tel:859-344-3301 , Fax:859-344-3342
Department user Ms. Alisha Copley
   Reference Librarian
   Tel:859-344-3615, Fax:859-344-3342
Department user Ms. Leoma Dunn
   Assistant Library Director
   Tel:859-344-3524, Fax:859-344-3342
Department user Ms. Joyce McKinley
   Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Supervisor.
   Tel:859-344-3300, Fax:859-344-3342
Department user Sr. Helen Wilke
   Acquisitions Coordinator
   Tel:859-344-3519, Fax:859-344-3342

Open folder Office of Life Long Learning/Continuing Education

Department card Office of Life Long Learning/Continuing Education (Main Office) Main Campus Administration - 2nd Floor - Tel:859-344-3333 , Fax:859-344-3686

Open folder Operations & Community Relations

Department card Operations & Community Relations (Main Office) Administration Building - Tel:859-344-4062 , Fax:859-344-3444

Open folder Student Life

Department card Student Life (Main Office) Main Campus Administration Building - 2nd Floor - Tel:859-344-3544 , Fax:859-344-4042
 Department Heads
Department user Mrs. Amy Wylie
   Dean of Student Affairs
   Tel:859-344-3544, Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mrs. Veronica Lubbe
   Director of Counseling
   Tel:859-344-3521, Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mrs. Becky Mullins
   Director of Student Engagement
   Tel:859-344-3574, Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mrs. Heather Paulsen
   Student Affairs Specialist
   Tel:859-344-3544, Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mr. Kevin Reynolds
   Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
   Tel:859-344-3572, Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mrs. Tammy Schatzman
   Director of Student Health Services
   Tel:859-344-3529, Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mr. Randy Webb
   Director of Bands
   Tel:859-344-3533, Fax:859-344-4042
 Graduate Assistants
Department user Mr. Christopher Perry
   Student Affairs Graduate Assistant
   Tel:859-344-4069, Fax:859-344-4042
Department card Campus Ministry Administration Building - Tel:859-344-3683 , Fax:859-344-4042
Department user Mr. Andrew J. Cole
   Director of Campus Ministry
   Tel:859-344-3683, Fax:859-344-4042
Department card Campus Safety and Security - Tel:859-341-4867 , Fax:3-859-344-4042
 Department Heads
Department user Mr. Steve Johnson
   Acting Director of Campus Safety
   Tel:859-344-3345, Fax:3-859-344-4042

Open folder Thomas More Accelerated Program (TAP)

Department card Thomas More Accelerated Program (TAP) (Main Office) 365 Thomas More Parkway, Crestivew Hills, KY 41017
Department user Dr. John Wolper
   Associate Vice President for Adult Education & Special Programs
Department user Judy Bautista
   TAP Enrollment Manager
Department user Liz Cannon
   Accounting Manager, Blue Ash
   Tel:513 483-3900, Fax:859-578-3589
Department user Nicole Deters
   Senior Enrollment Representative
   Tel:859-344-3434, Fax:859-578-3589
Department user Caitlin Drouillard
   Blue Ash Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Department user Amanda Evans
   Office Coordinator
   Tel:859-341-4554, Fax:859-578-3589
Department user Mr. Nathan Hartman
   Executive Director of Adult Education and Online Engagement
   Tel:859-344-3333, Fax:859-344-3686
Department user David MacMillan
   Director TAP Accounting and Enrollment
Department user Angie Mateyko
   Executive Enrollment Counselor, Blue Ash
   Tel:513-483-3900, Fax:513-483-3903
Department user Lauren McAlister
   Accounting Manager
Department user Anthony Schumacher
   Director of Thomas More Accelerated Programs
   Tel:859-344-4067, Fax:859-578-3589
Department user Amy Thalls
   Advising and Resource Administrator
Department user Lindsay Waide
   Enrollment Representative