Thomas More College

What Will Your Experience Be Like?

At Thomas More College, your dramatic talents can shine both on the stage and behind the scenes. Our Theatre students learn what it takes to succeed in every aspect of the theatre, whether it be performing onstage, designing or building a show, heading up or running any backstage crew, or directing an entire production.

Best of all, you won't get lost in the competitive crowd. We're the only small, private, liberal arts college in the area that offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. So you get more experience and more exposure to the joys and challenges of your chosen profession.

Unlike many other programs, it is not necessary to audition to get into the Theatre program. But there are some Theatre Grants available for majors - an audition and interview are a part of that process.

You will also be a part of the Villa Players, the student Theatre organization. This group is comprised of majors and non-majors, open to all students!


The Theatre degree program at Thomas More College is the ONLY Liberal Arts Theatre program in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-state area.

The program prepares you to do so many different theatrical jobs. From acting to directing, lighting to set design, you will experience every aspect of theatre through your coursework and collegiate productions.

We're proud of the fact our graduates can say, "I know how to do that," and they prove it on the job every day. Thomas More graduates currently work as actors, directors, stage managers, sound and light technicians, technical directors, executive directors of theatres, and as art administrators.

Course Offerings

Required courses for a degree in Theatre include:

  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Acting
  • Theatre Production
  • History of Theatre
  • Directing
  • Scene Design
  • Dramatic Literature

Combine With Other Majors

It's easy to add another major to your Theatre degree. Communications is a perfect complement. We offer a Theatre/Education degree that certifies graduates to teach Theatre.

Do you have another interest? Consider combining degrees with such subjects as Business, History, English, or just about anything else that Thomas More offers. It only opens up more opportunities for using your Theatre degree.

Proceed With Confidence

The professional theatre community already knows that a Thomas More Theatre graduate can take on almost any theatrical job. Our broad-based program ensures that our actors can do technical work and our technical people can act.

Why is this important? This knowledge and experience in all aspects of theatre only strengthens a Theatre student after graduation, when they begin to specialize, by understanding what everyone else's job in theatre entails. Of course, this opens up opportunities for you well beyond those of a conservatory-trained student at a larger institution. Your future in the theatre looks brighter from the day you graduate.

For more information, contact:

Jim Nelson
Department of Theatre
Thomas More College